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Water Line Replacement in Fort Collins

Your water line is one of the most important components of your entire plumbing system. It carries all of the water into your home or business from the city water treatment plant. Water lines are often buried in foundations and under landscaping making them very difficult to access, inspect and service.

The certified and insured plumbers at Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric have been serving Northern Colorado home and business owners for over 25 years. We have extensive experience and specialized training for servicing water line systems, making our team your best source for complete plumbing services and water line solutions. If your line is damaged or out of date, we can provide a replacement service that is swift, efficient, and affordable.

For home water line replacement and water line repair in Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, or Loveland, CO, contact Lighten Up online now!

Water Line Replacement Solutions

Problems with a water line can go from bad to worse in little to no time, making a swift response your ideal means of stopping the damage and preventing further harm to your home and overall plumbing systems. At Lighten Up, we utilize a streamlined process that begins with a thorough assessment.

By utilizing our cutting-edge camera equipment and tools, we can map out the entire water line, locating the source of the trouble and determining the ideal means of handling it, be it full water line replacement or a simple water line repair.

Should the damage be found to be too much for simple epoxy coating repair, or if your line was originally laid using lead or polybutylene, we will develop a plan to remove and replace the line. This will require excavation and an extensive process, but our trained professionals will utilize every skill and tool they have to minimize the time and cost of the dig and replacement, helping you restore your waterline as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Dealing with a damaged water line and not sure what to do? Contact Lighten Up to schedule water main line replacement service near Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, or Greeley.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Line Replacement?

Considering that the cost of a line replacement can easily range in the thousands, many homeowners want to know what a water line replacement will cost. The answer to this common question depends on a few important factors. One will be your policy and provider, as some do offer water damage and line replacement, but many do not.

Additionally, if your insurance provider might cover the cost, you may need to prove that the line damage was sudden, out of your control, and not caused by negligence. All in all, it’s best to contact your policy provider for more clarity!  

How Do I Know If I Need Water Line Repair or Replacement?

It is very important that you get line damage repaired or handled as soon as possible. That said, it isn’t always as easy to tell as you may think. Line damage can be present for days, even weeks before a homeowner can notice. However, there are a few warning signs to keep an eye out for that will help you determine if your water line needs to be replaced:

  • Visible water flowing from the ground or foundation
  • Weak or damp ground around your home
  • Changes in your meter while all water is shut off in your home
  • Water damage on floors
  • Reduced water pressure

Water Line Replacement Benefits

Replacing your water line may seem like a huge job, but in the end, the benefits are worth it. They include:

  • Reduced water bills
  • Cleaner water
  • Increased home value
  • Peace of mind

Professional Water Line Replacement near Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, and Loveland, CO

When you’re struggling with a damaged water line, the last thing you want is a plumber that causes more trouble than they are worth. Our local plumbers are trained, certified, and fully dedicated to ensuring you get the best in dependable service and certain solutions.

Dial 970.230.3100 or connect with us online to schedule water line service or camera inspection in Northern Colorado.

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