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Toilet Repair & Replacement Services in Fort Collins

If you’re experiencing issues with a toilet that won’t flush, or a toilet that is leaking, then you need a local plumber that can offer fast, accurate solutions. This is when you call on the experts at Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric!

Colorado Plumbers Near Fort Collins

Our Fort Collins plumbing contractors have been offering precision plumbing services including toilet repair and toilet replacement for years. When you need a service team that can act fast and set things flowing correctly in your home, we’re the experts you can trust for complete care and quality customer service.

Our toilet service and plumbing services teams offer:

Need a toilet repair company in Northenr Colorado near Fort Collins? Call 970.230.3100 or contact Lighten Up online!

Toilet Assessment & Camera Inspections

Toilets can be a little deceptive, and failing to correct the actual cause of your troubles can lead to water damage, weak floors, mold, and even worse. That’s why our inspection process always includes:

  • A full check for leaks.
  • Flush valve inspection.
  • Tank and flapper check.
  • Water level measurements.
  • Damage inspections around the bowl and base.

Should the issue still remain unclear, or if it looks as if your problems might go a bit deeper than just the toilet (into an issue like a leaking toilet pipe), our crew will offer a camera inspection service. Through a sewer scope inspection, we can see your entire drain line in detail, letting us pinpoint the cause of your toilet issues.

Toilet Repair Services in Fort Collins, CO

No matter the simplicity or complexity of your issues, our toilet repair team can provide cost-effective and accurate repair services. We’ve handled toilet troubles of all kinds in our time as one of the best plumbers in Colorado, and we take every step necessary to ensure the issue is dealt with for good.

Call on our toilet repair company for:

  • Toilet clogs.
  • Signs of leaking around your toilet.
  • A constantly running toilet.
  • Resistant or incomplete flushes.
  • Phantom flushes.
  • An obvious water level drop in your toilet’s bowl.

Toilet Installation and Replacement

Should your toilet be beyond repair, or if a replacement offers a more cost-effective solution, our plumbing fixture installers can offer top-quality options and services to match your needs. Not all toilets fit the same as your current model, especially in older homes that may have used an outdated standard, but you can trust our team to measure twice, install once!

When Should I Replace a Toilet?

Beyond a toilet that is outright busted, replacement is often a smart consideration to avoid the potential damages of a worn-down toilet. How long a toilet lasts can change depending on a variety of factors, but in most cases, the porcelain will last until outwardly damaged, and the pipe systems can be expected to remain healthy for around 10-15 years.

Not sure if it’s time to replace your toilet? Call our plumbers for a toilet plumbing inspection!

Toilet Service Company in Fort Collins, CO

At Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric, we believe our clients deserve fast, affordable, and dependable plumbing services.

Whether you need toilet repair, complete replacement, or sewer line camera inspections, you can count on us to offer dependable workmanship and quality solutions designed to last.

Contact us online to schedule a plumbing repair, or give us a call at 970.230.3100!

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