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Shower and Tub Repair and Replacement in Fort Collins

Chances are your tub and shower is your favorite plumbing fixture in your Fort Collins home. So when they begin to malfunction or fail, it can be a very unique type of frustration. When it does happen to you, you need to get a reliable, professional plumber out to your home as soon as possible. With years of plumbing experience, we have seen almost every shower and tub issue imaginable:

  • Leaking fixtures.
  • Weak shower pans and tub bottoms.
  • Faulty valves.
  • Broken or leaking shower head.
  • Broken or leaking bath faucet.
  • Faulty shower cartridge.
  • Slow draining shower or tub.

Poor installation, defective components and wear and tear could all be the cause of your shower and tub complications. If you are experiencing a tub or shower that is not draining, it is most often due to a clog in the drain lines.

Shower and Tub Repair and Replacement Features

To determine whether you and your home would benefit most from either a repair or a replacement, our plumbing professionals will thoroughly inspect your shower or tub. Our inspection includes:

  • Leak check.
  • Faucet check.
  • Shower head inspection.
  • Visual inspection of the entire shower or tub.
  • Video inspection to check for clogs in your shower or tub drains.

Don’t get caught without a working shower or tub! Give us a call and get our plumbing repair and replacement specialists on the job today!

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