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Residential Pipe Bursting in Fort Collins

The pipe bursting trenchless repair technique is reserved for especially complicated jobs, in which the pipe is so badly collapsed or vulnerable to outside pressure that a fiberglass sleeve of epoxy/CIPP coating would fail to inflate. If a pipe is found this badly damaged, pipe bursting is often the only course of repair.

Pipe bursting shares many of the benefits of standard trenchless epoxy/CIPP repair. It’s cheaper and faster than traditional excavation jobs and less disruptive to the job site’s surroundings, whether it’s a peaceful backyard or a bustling commercial area.

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

Basically, pipe bursting is the forced replacement of an old, damaged pipeline with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) of the same or larger diameter which destroys the original and installs a new pipe simultaneously. Pipe bursting has several advantages that epoxy/CIPP repair does not:

–The condition of the original pipe is irrelevant. It is going to be destroyed anyway, so if the situation calls for it, any pipe can be “burst.”

–You have the option of upgrading the diameter of the replacement pipe so the entire piping system can benefit from increased flow.

–Brand new HDPE piping is tougher and longer lasting than old piping lined with epoxy/CIPP.

Pipe Bursting Process

  1. Two access holes are dug at either end of the pipeline designated to be “burst.”
  2. Camera is passed through both access holes to ensure it can accommodate all required “bursting” equipment.
  3. A steel cable is inserted in one access hole, threaded through the old pipeline and then out of the other access hole.
  4. One end of the cable is attached to a conical steel “bursting” head. The new length of HDPE pipe is then attached to the back of the bursting head by a heated fusing process that prevents future leaks.
  5. The bursting head is then pulled through the existing pipe by a powerful hydraulic system. The conical shape of the bursting head ruptures the old pipe into the surround soil and pulling the new HDPE pipe behind it.
  6. The new section of high quality, unbroken pipe now lies directly in the void created by the bursting of the old one, creating a more reliable, tightly sealed pipe system than before.

At Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, our expert pipe bursting team takes an upfront, pragmatic approach to each job. Our industry standard repair methods are the result of decades of expertise, combined with a passion for meeting the unique needs and challenges of each and every client. We offer multiple existing pipe repair options. To determine if pipe bursting will work best for you and your project, contact us today!

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