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Preventative Generator Maintenance Program

Our demand for power is ever increasing. New homes are popping everywhere these days, each with their own unique and vast electrical demands. That’s precisely why having a reliable generator is highly important—you need a dependable source of power to keep flowing even during the roughest weather. After all, there are several lights and appliances you rely upon every day and if there’s no generator to provide power, you may not be able to live in your home at all.

Unfortunately, even with electrical demands increasing, the grid isn’t growing to handle them, meaning you need to seek generator maintenance to ensure a steady flow of power is going to your home. Similar to your local power grid, a generator that goes too long without professional maintenance may see you pay more on repair bills or eventually replace the unit entirely.

But before you face those consequences, you should definitely take a look into Lighten Up’s generator maintenance program. We want to see you live comfortably in your home as much as possible, and part of that is making sure its electricity continues to work without issue. Thanks to excellent customer service from our service professionals, you can expect to relax so much more knowing our program is meeting your needs down to the last detail. Here is what’s included:

Key: A = Annual E = Every visit N = As needed

Engine Inspection

  • Replace Oil Filter (A)
  • Replace Air Filter (A)
  • Drain & Replace Engine Oil (A)
  • Change Spark Plugs & Check Wires (A)
  • Check all Fluid Levels (E)
  • Inspect for Leaks (E)
  • Check Exhaust System (E)
  • Check for Adequate Air Flow (E)
  • Inspect/Replace Breather Tubes (N)
  • Check Block/Coolant Heater (E)
  • Check Proper Belt Alignment/Wear (E)
  • Check Governor Operation (E)
  • Check/Adjust Idle Speed (E)

Cooling System

  • Check Hoses/Radiator Cup (E)
  • Check Coolant Simple (A)
  • Inspect Radiator (E)
  • Inspect Water Pump for Leaks (E)

Control Panel Installation

  • Pre-alarms/Fault Conditions (E)
  • Check bulbs/ fuses meter functions (E)
  • Automatic Shutdowns (E)

Battery/Charging System

  • Evaluate Condition & Load Test (E)
  • Check Fluid Levels (E)
  • Check Cables/Connections (E)
  • Clean Terminals/Remove Corrosion (E)
  • Check System Charging Output (E)

Pan Condition/Other

  • Check Pad Condition/Level or Un-Level (E)
  • Check Inner & Outer Cabinet (E)
  • Check for Rodent Problems (E)
  • Check Noise Level (E)

Maintenance Options

We also offer a wide variety options in terms of how often and to what extent you would like your generator to be maintained, including:

  • GM1: This is once a year generator maintenance including removal of debris from in and around the generator, battery voltages, stored warning codes, wire insulation condition, wiring connections, air cleaner, engine mounting, alternator belt tightness, spark plugs, engine oil, low pressure, and more. Good Value: $407
  • GM3: This is also once-a-year generator maintenance. 3 years included. Also includes 1 free battery in 3 year time period. Saves $203. Better Value: $1,018 or $333.93 a year.
  • GM5: Once again, this is one-a-year generator maintenance. 5 years included. Also includes 1 free batteries in a 5 year period. Saves $700. Best Value: $1,628 or $325.60 a year.
  • GM10: This is also once-a-year generator maintenance but will keep you covered for a long time. 10 years included. Also includes 2 free batteries in a 10 year period. Saves $1782. Super Value: $2,847 or $287.40 a year.

Maintenance vs. Service

And before you join our program, we’d just like to clarify a few things. Service and/or warranty costs are not covered under this maintenance agreement. Learn more:

  • Maintenance: Parts, labor, and travel expenses for work performed on a scheduled preventative basis to inspect and maintain operation of a back-up power system.
  • Additional Service: Any additional parts, labor and travel expenses that are acquired at the time of the scheduled maintenance, but are not part of the Preventative Maintenance Program Description will be considered service and will be brought to the attention of the customer when they are available for consultation.
  • Service: Parts, labor, and travel expenses for work performed is covered by the manufacturer for the defined period on non-preventative and/or scheduled basis to address problems and/or concerns related to the back-up power system.
  • Warranty: Parts, labor, and travel expenses for work performed which is covered by the manufacturer for the declined period of time as described in the manufacturer’s manual for the defined period of time as described in the manufacturer’s warranty description.
  • Priority Emergency Response: This is a 24/7 emergency service offered only to current customers enrolled in our maintenance program. Customers who have a current agreement will receive service first in the event of an emergency. An emergency is defined as when your power is out and the generator has failed to operate.

Contact Lighten Up today at 970.230.3100 to learn more about our extensive generator maintenance program and see how you can keep the power flowing in your home!

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