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When winter finally decides to give way to spring, most homeowners can’t wait to pull off their pool cover and take a dip. And we don’t disagree with the idea at all!

However, pool opening entails more than simply hopping in and hoping for the best. Your pool needs to be professionally prepped, cleaned, and treated if you plan on getting to enjoy your time with it this year.

Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric offer comprehensive pool opening service, and with our team covering your needs, you can bet that you’ll be enjoying crystal-clear water and favorable dives all throughout the spring and summer months.

Whether your pool is above ground or in-ground, you can always count on the seasonal pool maintenance services that Lighten Up provides near Fort Collins and the surrounding areas.

Are you looking for pool opening and closing services near Fort Collins? Call Lighten Up at 970-460-4477 to get started today, or schedule a pool opening and pool cleaning service any time online!

Our Pool Opening Services in Fort Collins, Colorado

At Lighten Up, we put our skills and supplies to work for you, offering fast, precise pool opening services that let you skip to the fun part.

Our pool opening services include:

  • Professional pool cover removal.
  • De-winterization and winterization supplies removal.
  • Inspection of and restarting of the pool filtration system.
  • Ladder and diving board assembly.

What Month Should I Open My Colorado Pool?

Regardless of your location, the best time to open a pool is typically before spring starts shifting into summer. Ideally, a pool should be opened when the weather is above 60 degrees but not quite a frequent 70-75 degrees to avoid the headache of algae growth.

Here near Fort Collins, the best month to open a pool is usually April or May!

Why Is Professional Pool Opening Important?

Odds are that if you enjoy your pool and want it to stay healthy for years, you had it winterized. This is a good service to take advantage of—however, it does mean that you now have covers, plugs, and other common winterization steps that need to be cleared away and carefully handled.

All in all, professional pool opening turns a complicated, time-consuming task into a complete breeze, and it ensures that you don’t have to worry about the performance of your pool this year. Additionally, professional pool opening offers a bunch of great benefits, including:

  • Clear, algae-free water throughout the swimming season.
  • Pool cover cleaning to reduce cover wear and organic growth.
  • A properly started and inspected the pool filter system.
  • A stress-free pool to start out the year!

Pool Opening Services near Fort Collins

Let the plumbing team at Lighten Up handle all of the annoying, messy stuff so that you can get started on having an awesome spring and summer this year. We offer customized pool opening services that take into account any unique needs your pool might have, so you can rest easy knowing our pros are going to do the job right no matter what.

Connect with us online to schedule pool opening services near Fort Collins or the surrounding communities.

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