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Pool Closing Services in Fort Collins, CO

Call for Pool Winterization in the Loveland, Greeley & Fort Collins Area

Owning a pool can be an absolute joy for homeowners during the spring and summer months. It’s the perfect counter to those hot days—or the ideal form of relaxation during our cooler nights. But when the seasons start to turn and it becomes clear that pool time has passed, should you just leave your pool to the elements? Not at all! To avoid extensive damage to the pool and to keep the system ready to work again next year, winterization is absolutely necessary.

Looking for a professional service team that can handle your pool closing in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, or the surrounding areas? The team at Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric is ready to help! We can make this often arduous task look like a breeze, and we can guarantee that your pool will get the complete care it needs, whether it’s above ground or below.

Need pool winterization in Colorado? Contact Lighten Up online today to find out more, or call 970.230.3100 to schedule service now!

Why Is Pool Winterization Important?

Plenty of homeowners wonder if the process of properly closing a pool down for the year is necessary. And unfortunately, many find out the hard way that it really is! Your pool operates using a simple but very important set of pumps, pipes, filters, and other components that when left full of water become very susceptible to damage caused by freezing. Additionally, lights, tile, and even the structure of the pool itself can all be at risk—potentially causing massive amounts of costly damage.

To top it all off, winterization for your Colorado pool makes getting it swim-ready much, much easier, allowing you to commence the fun with no stress or hassle. As for when to close your pool, it slightly depends on the weather, but we would recommend closing things up before we start to see the first dips in temperature in the later season—that way you avoid the potential snap freezes we deal with in early fall.

Pool Closing & Winterization in Fort Collins, CO

Our service teams have been helping home and business owners with pool closing for years, and we’ve streamlined our process to be both quick and effective. A standard service will include:

  • Water level reduction to account for freezing
  • Complete water removal for applicable pipes, pumps, and holds
  • Removal of pool accessories (ladders, handrails, etc)
  • Application of a winterizing algaecide to avoid gross buildup
  • Testing of the pool’s water chemistry to ensure alkalinity and calcium hardness levels are safe and correctly balanced
  • Installation of a pool cover to avoid debris
  • Additional services as necessary according to your pool’s needs

Pool Winterization with Lighten Up in Larimer & Weld Counties

Ready to give your pool a rest, but don’t want to deal with the headache of a proper pool closing? The plumbing and home service professionals at Lighten Up are ready to help! With our years of experience and top-class training, we’re the team to know for friendly service and reliable results in Colorado.

“Where can I find pool closing services near me in Colorado?” Just contact Lighten Up now to schedule your appointment today!

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