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Pipe Repair in Fort Collins

The plumbing pipes in your Fort Collins home or business are not meant to last forever. Corrosion, damage, tree roots and other factors can all lead to the breakdown of your pipes and the need for repair or replacement. This is not a job for amateurs and needs to be addressed by a licensed, bonded and insured plumber. We offer several different pipe repair options including:

Sewer Main Replacement: The sewer main that runs from your home to the city or county sewer system is one of the most important pieces of plumbing. It removes all of the dirty and unsanitary water from your home and helps keep your home or business running smoothly. If your sewer main is damaged, leaking, broken or having problems we can help return it to working order.

Repipe: In older homes, replacing the pipes may be the best solution. You may have pipes that have deteriorated, pipes that are too small for the current use or pipes that have materials no longer recommended for home use.

Water Line Pipe Repair: The water line in your home makes comfortable living possible. A loss of water pressure or visible signs of leaks need to be addressed quickly. Water main lines need to be replaced if they are of an unapproved material, have extensive damage or are too small for your home.

Pipe Lining: Pipe lining is a revolutionary method available to reline your pipes without having to remove them from your home. We use methods such as epoxy lining and resin liners to repair leaks, cracks, gaps and damage while not needed to excavate and damage your homes structure.

Do not ignore deteriorating or damaged pipe. Call Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric today to learn how our pipe specialists can help. 

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