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Your furnace system is all that stands between your home comfort and the blistering cold of a Northern Colorado winter. Day or night, our cold seasons are frigid, and having an effective heating system in place is an absolute must. So, what do you do when your furnace habitually falls behind, needs repairs all the time, or fails completely? You call on Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric for furnace replacement!

Our specialists offer the best in furnace replacement and furnace installation services in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland. For decades, we’ve been the superior service team you can trust, and no matter what service or skill you need, if a top-class HVAC contractor is what you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place.

Call 970.230.3100 now to schedule your consultation, or contact us online to find furnace replacement services near you in Northern Colorado!

Signs You Need Furnace Replacement

All of the following are symptoms of a furnace being on its last legs. Whenever possible, the experts at Lighten Up will repair your furnace to help you save money and get the most out of your initial heating system. However, past a certain point, it’s simply easier and more practical to get a replacement. Have you noticed any of these chronic issues?

  • Uneven heating between rooms
  • Higher energy bills 
  • Loud noises 
  • Inaccurate thermostat readings
  • Insufficient heating

You don’t have to dread getting a furnace replacement. In fact, you should think of a high-efficiency furnace as more than just a purchase—it’s an investment in superior heating and monthly savings! The Lighten Up heating professionals make furnace replacement simple with convenient scheduling, expert consultation, and a wide array of options to help you find the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

The Benefits of Furnace Replacement

When you request a high-quality, affordable, and professionally performed furnace replacement from Lighten Up, you can expect:

  • Better heating (more comfortable winter-round)
  • Lower heating bills each month
  • Reduced carbon footprint (eco-friendly)

Why live with ineffective and costly heat from an old furnace? Start paying less and getting more for your heating.

Call Lighten Up today to get a furnace replacement near Fort Collins, and your heat will be better for years to come!

How Much Can I Expect a Furnace Replacement to Cost?

Knowing when to replace your furnace is a very important part of maintaining a comfortable home, and it’s not always easy to understand when replacement is the right call. You can go by lifespan, which is roughly 15 or so years for a gas unit, and 10-15 for oil and electric. Or, you can go by a cost/benefits analysis to understand when replacement is more viable than repair.

So what impacts furnace replacement cost? The following factors are the most prominent:

  • The type of furnace you choose matters a lot—gas furnaces cost more to install but last longer and require less repair than other types
  • The efficiency of your furnace is a big deal as well. Generally speaking, the higher the efficiency, the higher the cost—which also leads to higher savings through heating costs in the long run. It’s important to discuss efficiency with your heating contractor to determine what efficiency range works best for you!
  • The contractor you choose matters, too. You want a team with experience and extensive knowledge so that the system only needs to be installed once, and the installation can be completed in a single day. And you generally want to pick pros that give clear, easy to understand pricing (like Lighten Up does!).

Can I DIY Furnace Replacement?

Among all of the home projects you can attempt to DIY, furnace replacement, repair, and installation are the least likely to be performed effectively! A true furnace contractor needs to go through nearly a decade of combined classes, training courses, and apprenticeships, and this is for good reason. A furnace installation requires extreme precision, and without the right tools and knowledge you can risk:

  • Serious personal injury
  • Home fires and extensive home damage
  • Wasted money on a botched installation process

We say this not to scare you, but to make this fact clear: HVAC work is for contractors, not for homeowners! It’s in no way worth the risks and potential damages. And besides—our experts can get the job done precisely, quickly, and in the way that provides you with the most benefits.

Contact Lighten Up for Superior Furnace Replacement in Northern Colorado

Call Lighten Up today at 970.230.3100 to schedule your consultation, or reach out to us online to find out more now!

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