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Furnace Installation in Fort Collins

If you’re looking for furnace installation in Fort Collins, you’ll want to understand your options. The current heating equipment market offers a wide variety of furnace models to choose from, and many of them advertise themselves as having higher efficiency ratings than the rest. What exactly makes a furnace “high efficiency?” The heating experts at Lighten Up can help you find the furnace installation that’s best for you.

The Benefits of High Efficiency Furnace Installation

As will any technology, furnaces have become more advanced over the years, and homeowners with older or current models may be missing out on some of what’s in store. A high efficiency furnace comes with certain benefits that some homeowners might not be familiar with.

Here are some of the advantages you can capitalize on by having Lighten Up provide you with a consultation on a high efficiency furnace installation today:

  • Tax Credits and Rebates– Installing a better efficiency furnace makes you eligible for certain rebates to help you save more money.
  • 30% Better Fuel Efficiency– With oil and natural gas prices both steadily climbing, your best bet to save some money this winter is simply burn less fuel! Plus, improved energy efficiency means a reduced carbon footprint — save the environment!
  • Less Noise– Higher efficiency furnace models have less operating noise, making for quieter, superior heating.
  • More Even Heating– The insulation in a higher efficiency furnace model is superior, making for a more balanced warmth between rooms. If you have some living areas that are kept freezing cold while others become far too hot, a new furnace installation can fix that!

Call Lighten Up today for a consultation on furnace installation today, and start living with better heating this year.

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