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Emergency AC Services Fort Collins

Emergency Air Conditioning Services in the Fort Collins Area

The only thing worse than an AC breakdown is one that is after hours, on a holiday, or on the weekend. Not only is your comfort at risk, but it could also be hours or, worse, days before you can get a service professional in. At Lighten Up, we know how common this scenario can be. And we also think it should never actually happen! That’s why we offer emergency AC services 24/7 to northern Colorado homeowners.

We’ve been happily serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and the surrounding areas for nearly three decades now. When you need an emergency air conditioner repair team, you shouldn’t have to wait. Your comfort shouldn’t be conditional or contingent on the availability of your AC contractor. And with Lighten Up on your side, it never will be!

Need emergency AC repair in northern Colorado? Dial 970.230.3100 now to get in touch with our 24-hour service team now!

Emergency Air Conditioning Services in Colorado

No matter the time or the day—be it midnight, a holiday, or wild weather—we’re always here to help, and we’ll bring our absolute best to bear in order to satisfy your comfort needs. Our experts are equipped with top-class diagnostic tools and the best training in the industry, ensuring that once we’re on-site, we can root out the issue and solve it as quickly as accuracy will allow us to.

What Signs Indicate You Need Emergency AC Repair?

Outside of the obvious, there are some clear signs to keep an eye out for, including:

    • Electrical issues. : Breaker trips, flickering lights, and similar electrical issues are sort of frightening. And honestly, they should be! If you notice any electrical issues with your AC system shut the unit down (if you can do so safely) and give us a call right away.


    • Loud AC noises. :Loud noises almost always mean that there is a part that has become damaged or that has come loose in the AC system. If left alone these parts can do a lot of damage, and often in very little time.


    • Leaking from the AC unit. :Lots of issues can cause an AC leak, ranging from complex ones to very simple ones. But no matter the cause, you want a solution now to avoid water damage to your home and HVAC.


  • Weak or no air flow. :Poor air flow often comes as a result of a dirty or clogged air filter, so be sure to check on that first. But if the filter is fine, it’s time to call in an expert before the unit starts to overheat and experience larger, more expensive issues.


Emergency AC Repair Contractors in Northern Colorado

Don’t let an emergency get you down or dictate the comfort level in your home—just contact Lighten Up at 970.230.3100 to get the service and quality you deserve! We always promise prompt care and solutions you can trust, and we won’t bust a hole in the bank to bring it to you!

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