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Drain Repairs in Fort Collins

If there is one pipe problem in Fort Collins that calls for immediate, professional attention, it’s a clogged drain. Anyone who knows the frustration and unsanitary mess that accompany a sluggish, stopped up drain understands that you need to act quickly. Even so, we find that many customers still wait until the drain stops completely before they decide to take action by calling in the expert drain repair team at Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric. Call our drain repair team today—we know you will be singing our praises!

  • Drain repairs: Our drain repair team understands that the proper mending of a blocked, clogged or otherwise damaged drain is both a fine art and exact science.
    • The first step is to identify the cause and source of the clog and then decide is the best, most appropriate solution to get your plumbing running like new again.
    • Our drain repair teams are fully trained and equipped with modern video camera technology to isolate the problem areas of your pipes and drain snakes and water jets to get those gummed up works flowing freely once more.
  • Sewer repairs: All of the above tools and techniques can also be used to fix sewer lines in need of repair. We can utilize the water jet in tandem with a camera snake to simultaneously diagnose and clear away most sewer clogs we encounter.
    • Letting our experts conduct a camera inspection before you do anything else can often save you a bundle in the long run. It might be that only a small section of your old sewer line is the problem. So don’t replace the entire sewer unless our experts get a visual of its interior first!
    • It may be your drain problems can be solved with a simple, localized repair rather than a total overhaul of your sewer lines. We could save you thousands of dollars by avoiding that type of job and preserve your landscaping, yard and paved areas, as well.

Repair your drains and rest easy knowing pipe problems are not in your future. Call today and get the drain repair experts at Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric on the job as soon as possible.

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