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Boiler Maintenance in Fort Collins, Colorado

The radiant heat that a modern boiler system can supply to your home is one of the most powerful and reliable heating options on the market today. In other words, it’s the ideal system to take on the absolutely frigid winter seasons we experience here in Northern Colorado. But no system will get you very far without professional maintenance!

The boiler service teams and boiler maintenance technicians at Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric are dedicated to providing superior solutions and trustworthy workmanship for all of our residential clients in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley. If you’re ready to get the most out of your home heating, you’ve found the HVAC contractors that can bring you precisely what you need.

Call 9970.230.3100 now to schedule boiler maintenance services near Fort Collins, or contact Lighten Up online to find out more about our Total Care Club!

Our Residential Boiler Maintenance Checklist

Our dedicated boiler maintenance specialists offer a full range of maintenance service, each finely tuned and streamlined to ensure that your boiler is prepared and protected. We tailor our services according to the boiler type and brand, but you can always expect these tune-up services from our boiler maintenance:

  • A full inspection of working parts. Every component, from electrical systems to intakes and ventilation, will be inspected and verified for safe and effective working order.
  • Lubrication for applicable parts. Effective lubrication minimizes component wear and improves overall system effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Cleaning for burners and elements. Boiler burners, elements, and filters will be inspected and cleaned to ensure effective combustion/heating.
  • Water inspection and tank flush. Power flush removes harmful sediment and improves flow, while water PH levels will be checked for excessive acidity or the presence of scale.
  • Electrical and component connection inspection. Connections will be verified secure and snug, ensuring safe and effective boiler operation.  

The Benefits of Residential Boiler Maintenance

It can be easy to dismiss boiler maintenance or to want to skip out. Don’t do this! Not only is maintenance a vital part of keeping your boiler in healthy working condition, but it also offers tons of advantages that should never be ignored. By seeking maintenance service from Lighten Up, you can expect:

  • Improved heating performance. A system that is cleaned and optimized will perform far better overall, ensuring you get that powerful, even heating that boilers are famous for.
  • Reduced energy/fuel waste. By having your system streamlined, the boiler can operate faster and more efficiently, directly reducing the amount of fuel or energy the system requires to get the job done—and that’s more savings for you!
  • Longer boiler lifespans. When properly cared for, a boiler should be able to last 15-20 years, and sometimes even longer. When not cared for you can cut that number in half.

Schedule Annual Furnace Maintenance with Lighten Up in Northern Colorado

Ready to enjoy better home heating and encounter far fewer boiler heater problems? The trained maintenance service teams at Lighten Up are here to help! With our complete satisfaction guarantee and our dedication to superior quality and service, you can expect to gain the most from your heating this year when you schedule service with our contractors.

Contact us online now for Fort Collins boiler maintenance, or call 970.230.3100 to connect with a local boiler contractor now!

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