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Whole House Surge Protectors Fort Collins

Posted on: March 27, 2014

Pop!  It’s over.  If your entire home isn’t protected from power surges, all of your electrical appliances–computers, televisions, gaming devices, water heaters, and more–can be destroyed in the blink of an eye.  Getting the right whole house surge protection may seem like a no brainer, but the trouble is that most people don’t understand what power surges are, what causes them, or just damaging they can be.   Check out our quick Q&A to get some answers:

Q: What is a power surge?

A: A power surge is an unnaturally massive jolt of electricity that boosts the electric current flowing through wall outlets.

Q: What causes power surges?

A: Massive power surges may occur when lightning strikes your home, but it is statistically far more likely for surges to originate inside the home.  Frequently switching air conditioning units, computers, and televisions on and off are some of the most common causes of power surges.  In commercial spaces or apartment buildings, elevators, refrigerators, and washers and dryers might be the culprit

To summarize, here are the top causes of power surges:

  • Faulty wiring

  • Downed power lines

  • Overabundant usage of high-powered electrical devices

  • A lightning strike

Q: Why install whole house surge protection?

A: The short answer is that whole house surge protection will work to keep your entire home safe from massive electrical irregularities.  With its trifecta of protection (interior, exterior, appliance specific) you tremendously reduce the risks of power surge-related problems.  Whole house surge protection harnesses electricity and is your best defense against troubled power lines.

Partner with a Lighten Up electrician to ensure the safety of your home and ease your concerns.  Keep your home safe.  Call and speak with one of our whole house surge protection experts today!


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