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Spring Cleaning For Your Drains

  • Apr 15, 2018
  • By lightenup

Your plumbing may be out of sight, but it should never be out of mind. As one of the most used systems in your home, wear and tear can happen over time. Take a second to think about how many times a day you use it! Every time you take a shower, flush the toilet, […]

Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split Installation This Spring

  • Mar 30, 2018
  • By lightenup

Are you looking for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to cool your home this spring? If so, you should consider installing a ductless mini-split system. Providing both heating and cooling, this system consists of two main components: a compressor/condenser, which is located outdoors, and one or more evaporators, which are located in various rooms […]

Reasons to Consider Whole Home Surge Protection

  • Mar 15, 2018
  • By lightenup

We rely on electricity more than ever before. We use a lot of different appliances every day –  such as microwaves, ovens, lights, and washing machines. We have multiple electronic devices such as audio and video equipment, as well as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Many of us have smart homes with connected kitchens and security […]

Bathroom Remodeling: How Upgrades Can Benefit Your Home

  • Feb 28, 2018
  • By lightenup

If you’re considering a bathroom upgrade, then it’s always wise to first evaluate exactly how it will benefit your home before you start investing your money. Here’s what you need to know. It can make your home more environmentally-friendly. Remodeling is the perfect opportunity to make it more environmentally friendly than your old one. You […]

Security Lighting Fixtures That Keep Your Home Safe

  • Feb 14, 2018
  • By lightenup

If you’re like most homeowners, keeping your family and your home safe is one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, crime is a reality we all have to deal with. The chances your property will be targeted by criminals one day is possible. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 18.2 seconds somewhere in the […]

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