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Air Conditioning Repair in Fort Collins

Is your home’s air conditioning up to the task of keeping you cool?

Test out your AC right now — is it hitting the right temperature? Is it making too loud of a sound? Remember, when you need AC repair in Fort Collins, the experts at Lighten Up are always available to help! Our HVAC technicians are the best and most experienced AC authorities in the field,  and they can make your AC repair quick, simple, and affordable.

The Most Common Reasons for AC Repair

Your air conditioning system is surprisingly complicated. Many homeowners aren’t even aware of all of the various things that can wrong in their AC’s operation! They only realize something is wrong when the AC finally breaks down in the middle of the sweltering summer.

Don’t let these common AC break downs heat up your Fort Collins home!

  • Refrigerant Leaks– Your AC uses a chemical refrigerant in order to cool air on demand. When the level of refrigerant is low, you can simply add more. But if the level is consistently inadequate, you may be dealing with a leak, in which case you’ll need a trained Fort Collins AC repair technician from Lighten Up to come to your home, seal the leak, and test the repair.
  • Electric Control Failure– Once your AC system detects that your home has reached the desired temperature, it turns off — it will turn back on if the temperature needs to be raised again. This is a normal performance feature, but if the system is improperly sized and keeps needing to turn on and off, that can wear on the electrical controls. In this case, you may need the Lighten Up experts to perform not only AC repair but possibly an AC replacement.
  • Inadequate Maintenance– That annual maintenance really is necessary! Manufacturers and professionals agree that performing maintenance once a year on your central air system is critical to the performance and lifespan of the device. If it’s been many years since your last maintenance, call for an AC tune-up today! It may not be too late to recover your machine.

When your AC breaks down, you know who to call. Lighten Up is the most trusted AC repair contractor in Fort Collins, and we’re ready 24/7 to meet any and all of your air conditioning needs this summer.

The Benefits of Lighten Up AC Repair

When you work with the Fort Collins AC repair experts at Lighten up, you can expect all of the following from your cooling system:

  • Better Heating (More Comfortable Winter Round)
  • Lower Heating Bills Each Month
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint (Eco-Friendly)

Start paying less and getting more for your cooling system in Fort Collins. Call the Lighten Up AC repair experts today!

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