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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Every year, your air conditioning system will be out of operation for about six months. During the winter and fall, your AC starts to collect dust, dirt, and debris — when these materials build up in the grates of your condenser and evaporator coils, it causes the device to need to work harder in order to subtract heat from the air and keep your home cool. There are a host of other issues that can make your air conditioner less efficient or even at risk of failure, including:

  • Low Refrigerant Levels
  • Frequent Starting & Stopping
  • Broken Electrical Components
  • Poorly Adjusted Safety Controls
  • Age (Typical Lifespan is Between 10-15 Years)
  • Visible Rust or Corrosion

When you notice any of the above, it means that your AC hasn’t been receiving the proper maintenance. Manufacturers and HVAC experts agree that all central air units should receive maintenance once per year in order to maintain efficiency and reach the appliance’s intended life expectancy — in other words, regular AC maintenance is quite simple a necessity for any Fort Collins homeowner looking to save money and time. Have you received your AC tune-up already this year? If not, call Lighten Up for AC maintenance you can rely on to keep you cool all summer long!

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

Not only is AC maintenance necessary, but when performed correctly by a certified professional it can yield visible results. When you work with Lighten Up for your AC Maintenance this year, you can expect all of the following:

  • Better Cooling (More Comfortable Year Round)
  • Lower Energy Bills Each Month
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint (Eco-Friendly)

Start paying less and getting more for your cooling system in Fort Collins. Call the Lighten Up AC maintenance experts today!