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Air Conditioner Installation in Fort Collins

AC Installation

Summer can be one of two things in the northern Colorado area. It can be a welcome reprieve from blustery winters and a great time to get outdoors. or, it can be a sweltering nightmare! The season of sun isn’t exactly tame in our area, so a proper cooling system is paramount if you prefer the summer to
be more of the former.

Are you looking for a team that can help you find the ideal air conditioning system? If so, we might just have a solution for you. The experts at Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric have been helping clients in Fort Collins and Loveland get the best for years—we know a thing or two about top-class AC installation!

Looking for air conditioner installation experts near you in northern Colorado? Contact Lighten Up
online now, or call 970.230.3100 to speak to an AC contractor near you!

Air Conditioner Installation in Fort Collins, CO

An installation service is, or should be, about much more than just tossing any old system in and calling it a day. You don’t just want results—you want the best results possible. That means matching your new air conditioning system according to your needs, which takes some careful planning and consideration.

The new equipment should be sized and installed according to your home size, number of occupants,
cooling preferences, and more, and that’s always how a Lighten Up installation service starts.

When Is it Time for New AC Installation in Colorado?

It’s not always easy to know when it’s time to go for a new unit—we know! But with a bit of knowledge,we can help you make the decision easy:

  • Your current system can’t keep up.: Our summers aren’t the worst out there, but they’ll sure feel like it if your cooling system can’t meet your needs. If you’re always struggling to stay cool, it’s time to go for a new AC installation.
  • You’re losing too much efficiency.: Are your cooling costs 10 or 20 percent higher than they were back in the day? Rising cooling costs can gouge you big as years wear on, making a new installation a far more cost-effective solution.
  • Your current system is older than 10 years of age.: After the decade mark, most cooling equipment tends to fall behind. You’ll have breakdowns all the time, your energy bills will start to bulk up, and—even worse—the system could go kaput mid-season.
  • You need repairs all the time.: No system should need multiple repairs a year. If you’re shelling out for AC repair after AC repair, it’s time to pick the smarter option!

AC Installation Services in Fort Collins, Loveland & Greeley

When you’re ready to get a cooling system that can do it all, contact Lighten Up! We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to quality cooling in Colorado, and we’ll cut no corners to ensure you get exactly that. Contact us online today to set a date for your consultation for air conditioner installation in the Fort Collins area!


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