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Reasons to Consider Whole Home Surge Protection

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We rely on electricity more than ever before. We use a lot of different appliances every day –  such as microwaves, ovens, lights, and washing machines. We have multiple electronic devices such as audio and video equipment, as well as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Many of us have smart homes with connected kitchens and security systems. Some of us even use our home’s electricity to power our cars! Also, the more time we spend online, the more we’re using more electricity.

We continue to take our electrical systems and appliances for granted, though. Power surges are quite common, and if one were to hit your home, you could experience significant damage to the appliances that you use every day. This could be a very inconvenient and expensive problem in your home. To help prevent this, you should consider whole home surge protection.

What Do Whole Home Surge Protectors Do?

We rely on electricity for many things in our daily lives. Every time you run the washer and dryer to streaming a favorite show after work. Your electric system delivers electricity from the grid to the various points of use in your home. However, it has to be guided into and throughout your home in a way that’s safe.

If there are any faults in your system, a power surge leaves you, your family, your appliances and your property at risk. This could result in your appliances burning out and can even result in electrical fires.

Sure, surge protectors that are likely already in place on your outlets are an added security. Sometimes, however, it isn’t enough. Regular surge protectors don’t actually provide sufficient protection when it comes to sensitive equipment like computers and appliances. What’s more: They burn out quickly, which makes them ineffective after just a few power surges. So how can you make sure your home is protected? Simple: You install a whole home surge protector.

A basic whole home surge protector is installed close to your electric service box and wired to it so it can protect your home’s electrical system at the source. a Lighten Up Services professional will be able to perform a quick installation to keep your family and home safe for years to come.

What do they Protect Against?

  • Power surges outside the home: These include lightning strikes, although they only account for five percent of all power surges. They also include over-voltages from your utility provider. Since electricity escapes to any place it can, a whole home surge protector will stop the power surge before it can enter your home’s electrical system.
  • Power surges inside the home: Heat-generating appliances you use within the home can also cause power surges. They’re small and almost unnoticeable, but over time they wear down the devices that are connected to the electrical system. This happens because the heat degrades the components. As a result, the reliability of the devices is compromised, and their lifespan is shortened.

Benefits of a Lighten Up Services Installation

No matter where the surge occurs, whole home surge protection will give you added security and comfort knowing that your home and appliances are safe. If you choose Lighten Up Services for your whole home surge protection installation, you will benefit from the following:

  • State-of-the-art surge protection systems that will protect your delicate electronics and minimize the chances of a fire. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that even if you are out of town you’ll be protected should your home experience a power surge
  • A whole-house surge protector will add value to your home as well. Any potential homebuyer will be even more attracted to your house when you have this invaluable device installed.
  • Whole house surge protectors are reliable and inexpensive, made to fit nearly any budget!

To install whole-home surge protection in your home, call Lighten Up Services today! 


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