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Top 8 Boiler Maintenance Tips

Boiler maintenance is recommended every fall and that means it’s time to start using your boiler again. Unfortunately, the colder seasons can put a lot of strain on your heating appliances, especially your boiler. Maintaining any household is important, but a damaged boiler can be dangerous. Damaged boilers can cause gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, or even worse, an explosion, if not treated properly.

Proper Boiler Maintenance

The good news is that it’s easy to prevent any hazards caused by a damaged boiler, and all it takes is some routine maintenance. Most maintenance should be done by a professional, as your boiler is complicated and can be dangerous to work with. There are, however, several small tasks you can do to ensure your boiler is functioning properly. Here’s how you can keep your boiler working safely and efficiently.

  • Examine the boiler’s vent connection pipe and chimney. These parts can deteriorate over time, so it’s important to make there are no holes or cracks present and that all areas are fully sealed. Because your boiler heats water, it’s prone to leak in several areas, which is why visually inspecting all connections helps to catch a potential leak early.
  • Check the boiler’s heat exchanger. Another part of the boiler that is likely to leak water is the heat exchanger. In fact, most boiler leaks are caused by the heat exchanger. Look for small spots around the heat exchanger before and after use. If you find a pool of water, chances are you’ll need to replace the heat exchanger. Catching a leak early ensures your boiler works properly, last longer, and prevents some costly water damage.
  • Readjust the boiler’s controls if needed. The problem with your boiler might be as simple as some inefficient settings. The goal is to have the boiler cycling as less as possible, as a boiler that has to constantly turn on and off, isn’t running efficiently. A boiler that’s constantly cycling overworks itself more than necessary and that can cut down on its lifespan drastically. Adjusting your boiler to the most optimal and efficient settings will not only help it last longer but save you money on utility costs.
  • Flush out the boiler. Over time, rust and debris can collect inside your boiler which can reduce its efficiency and eventually cause clogs. Flushing your boiler on a regular basis helps to prevent sediment and debris buildups which can otherwise severely cut down on your boiler’s efficiency.
  • Lubricate the circulating pump. Your boiler’s circulating pump is responsible for moving water all around the system. Effective home heating won’t be possible if the circulating pump fails, which is why it’s crucial to maintain it. Lubricating your boiler’s circulating pump at least once a year helps to keep it working properly. You can effectively lubricate the circulating pump by pouring some 3-in-1 oil into the oil cup of the system, which will then penetrate down into the pump and keep it from grinding and sticking when it operates.
  • Check your boiler filters. Another important maintenance task is to keep your boiler running effectively is by keeping the air filters clean and clear of anything that can block the heat. Over time dirt and debris can build up inside the air filter which can overheat the boiler and reduce its efficiency. To keep your boiler running efficiently, it’s best to clean the air filter once a month.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat. Your boiler works hard to keep your house warm, and it can break down over time if it’s trying to keep up with various temperatures. Installing a programmable thermostat helps to keep your boiler operating at an efficient and consistent temperature.
  • Have a professional inspect it. Your boiler, like the rest of your plumbing, is complicated to work with and sometimes it’s best to call for professional help. Routine inspections done by a licensed plumber helps to catch any potential problems early. A professional plumber can not only catch the problems early but safely repair your boiler and ensure it runs effectively.

Don’t Let Your House Get as Cold as the Winter Season

Fall is here and winter is shortly on its way, which means you need a properly functioning heating to keep you warm and cozy. Routine cleaning, inspections, and maintenance will ensure your boiler functions properly, safely, and effectively. A damaged boiler, however, needs professional help. Don’t hesitate to call a licensed plumber if something is wrong and you need boiler maintenance. No homeowner should have to put up with a malfunctioning boiler in the dead of winter.

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