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What You Can Expect from Ductless Mini Split Installation

If you are used to a certain method of heating and/or cooling, going ductless could seem like a strange or intimidating prospect. While it is not the most common system of heating and cooling, it offers several benefits to those making the switch. Ductless mini split installation can work in a number of spaces, including those that are not suitable for duct work. It may appeal to people who have small spaces, want to save money on energy use, like to tightly manage room temperature, or want to supplement another heating or cooling system, but it can also be used as a primary heating and cooling system throughout an entire home or building. While the system may be different than you are used to, you will find that the benefits of ductless heating and cooling are similar, and often times better than those of other systems.

Why People are Going Ductless

Ductless heating and cooling are becoming more popular as professionals recommend it and users realize the benefits. The system works similarly to central air, but without the ducts. There are an indoor air-handling unit and an outdoor compressor or condenser and the two are connected with a conduit comprised of power cables, refrigerant tubing, condensate drain, and suction tubing. Inducted systems, the unit treats the air to the proper temperature, then transfers it through ducts to each room. In ductless heating and cooling the system treats the air, then dispenses it directly to the room with the indoor unit. In order to heat or cool your entire home or building with ductless mini splits, you will need an indoor unit in each room. If you have made the committment to go ductless, or are considering doing so, there are many things you should know about the installation, use, features, and maintenance.

What Happens When You Schedule a Ductless Mini Split Installation

Installation process: The installation of ductless mini splits is relatively simple compared to other systems. In fact, in certain homes that are not suitable for ductwork, ductless mini splits are a viable solution because of their easy installation.  Typically, the installer will just need to run the conduit through a three-inch hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units. The indoor units should be installed at least six feet above the ground, either on the wall or ceiling for the best air flow.

Easy control: Most units come with remote controls so you can easily adjust the temperature or turn the unit on or off. This allows more personalization because you will be able to target each unit specifically, meaning you can set specific temperatures in each room. Some units come with settings that allow you to run the system on a timed schedule, or only when the room it is in is occupied.

Lower heating and cooling costs: Ductless heating and cooling are the most energy efficient heating and cooling method, saving users in energy costs. As air is distributed through ducts in a home, there are several places it can leak and escape. In fact, in ducted systems, energy loss can be up to 30 percent. When treated air is transferred directly from the ductless system to the room it is heating or cooling, rather than through ducts, no air is lost, so the system is using less energy to get your room to the ideal temperature.

Better air quality: With no ducts for dust, dirt, pollen, or contaminants to accumulate, ductless mini splits are relatively clean on their own. They are also much easier to clean and maintain than ducted systems. This means the air flowing through your home will be cleaner and purer than that of other systems.

Ductless Mini Split Maintenance

Ductless mini splits do require maintenance, specifically cleaning every few months. You will need to make sure to clear vegetation, debris, or snow away from the outdoor unit and clean the compressor. With the proper maintenance, you can expect your system to work reliably for approximately for 12-15 years, but you could occasionally run into issues with the compressor, indoor unit, or line that connects them.  In most cases, resolutions are simple, but in rare cases, there could be serious issues. Hiring a trusted professional to install your system is the best way to ensure it will run effectively and not experience issues. Ductless mini splits are relatively easy to install, use, and maintain. When going ductless, you can expect a system more personalized and reliable than you may be used to. Contact a professional today to install your system, so you can start seeing the benefits for yourself.

Is it time for ductless mini split installation for your home? Call and schedule with Lighten Up today!

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