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Prevent Mold: Follow These Leak Repair Tips!

Leak repair isn’t just for preventing your pipes from leaking; it’s also incredibly helpful in the fight against mold. We all know that mold likes moisture and there’s no greater source than a steamy shower, leaky toilet or dripping water pipes. A leaky pipe is simply an invitation for mold to grow and the longer you wait to get fixed, the more likely it will show up in your home. Mold also likes to grow in darker places. You certainly don’t leave the bathroom lights on 24 hours a day, and it’s always dark behind the sheet rock. You may also want to conduct leak detection to check basements and attics, as these are the two most common areas in your home to lack exposure to light. Mold doesn’t sit and relax in your home either. It can consume drywall, cotton, wallpaper and many other products found in the average bathroom. Worst of all mold carries with several health consequences. Just breathing it in may lead to several breathing and respiratory problems in the future. Allergy and asthma sufferers in your household are particularly at risk, and may find themselves struggling to catch a breath of clean, fresh air. Before you encounter any of these problems, you need to seek leak repair at the first sign of trouble. It won’t just better home plumbing; it will keep your family safe and secure!

How Can Lighten Up Help You?

At Lighten Up, we make it our highest priority to keep your home leak-free. We have a team of plumbing experts who will stop at nothing to ensure you are living comfortably in your home, especially in the event of a pipe leak. Our team handles a wide range of repairs including ceiling and floor leaks, plaster and drywall, foundation leak repairs, basement crack repairs, and moisture readings. And best of all, we do it all quickly. We understand just how urgent getting leak repair can be, especially in terms of mold growth. That’s why we aim to fix the problem as soon as possible so you’re not having to spend another moment with such a health risk in your home. With our help, you will be able to eliminate mold growth and be able to live in a healthy life in your home. You can also rest easy knowing you’re losing any money on significant property damage. Most importantly, you will achieve a better peace of mind knowing your family is kept safe.

What Can Go Wrong Without Leak Repair?

While mold growth can bring with all sorts of trouble, here are two of the most major problems associated with a lack of leak repair:

  • Health Problems: Mold is among the most common causes of allergic reactions since it will grow and spread allergens throughout your home. Because it’s difficult to identify as a source, families can suffer negative health affects for long periods of time. The allergens can become airborne and cause coughing, sneezing, eye irritation and even flu-like symptoms.
  • Property Damage: Mold can expand its base by a few feet every week if it is fed by leaking pipes and steady moisture. Proper care will result in tearing out every inch of the infected area, leading you to call for water damage restoration service that could easily make you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. And even though you pay for the costly cleanup, many states require that you disclose mold problems in your home, which can decrease your property value.

Helpful Leak Repair Tips

Want to know how you can help in leak repair’s fight against mold growth? Please take a look at these tips to ensure it’s knocked out completely:

  • Seal all of the cracks and gaps in your tile. As grout ages it can flake and chip away, especially in key areas like floors and walls. Water can also filter under and behind your vanity. Keep in mind that condensation can accumulate on sink pipes.
  • Always run ventilation fans while bathing or showering and for 30-45 minutes afterwards to remove excess moisture from the room.
  • Squeegeeing water off the shower and bath walls after use will eliminate 3/4 of the moisture supporting mold growth.
  • Make regular checks of the bathroom fixtures for leaks in key areas like water supplies behind the toilet and seepage at the base. If your fixtures are cracked to the point of no repair, you should consider installing new fixtures.
  • Paint your bathroom walls with a bathroom-grade product like gloss or semi-gloss paints, which are resistant to staining and easy to clean. It is highly effective in preventing mold growth.
  • Please open windows while taking a hot shower to draw out excess moisture. You can also open them during dry weather days to let in some fresh air!

Contact Lighten Up today if you want to put a stop to mold once and for all with amazing leak repair that will keep your home safe and healthy!

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