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Our Heating Contractor Reveals Helpful Furnace Filter Tips

Any heating contractor can tell you just how important it can be to change your furnace filters. If you expect a steady flow of warm air throughout the winter, allowing the furnace filters to build with dirt and debris will eventually harm your furnace’s efficiency. Worse, it will be leaving you with little to no heat, poor indoor air quality and much higher energy bills. Before you know, you’ll have to replace that furnace entirely, as those blocked filters will wind up shortening the lifespan of the system. When the cold winter weather requires you to have a reliable heating system, you can’t afford to go through all of these difficulties. However, that still hasn’t stopped homeowners from refusing to change furnace filters properly, or even changing them at all. If you’re not familiar on how to change, here’s how to do it:

  1. Remove the existing furnace filter. You’ll find it inside the furnace or inside the return air vent. After finding it, discard it safely.
  2. Install the new furnace filter. On your new filter, look for the arrows that indicate which side of the filter should face the furnace. The arrow should always point toward the furnace and away from the return duct that carries the air. Then, simply slide the filter into place with the arrow pointing toward the furnace. Finally, replace any cover that may go over it.

And that’s it! Quick and easy! But how else can you ensure your furnace works to the best of its abilities? Well, it’s time to study up and learn more about those furnace filters!

Why Should You Call Lighten Up?

If you’re looking for a reliable heating contractor, make Lighten Up your first choice for service. We want see you be able to live comfortably in your home not only for this winter, but year-round. When your furnace filters aren’t changed, living comfortably can be made all the more difficult. However, our team of licensed heating contractors will be able to take care of that problem and more. As part of our furnace maintenance service, we make sure your system is equipped with new filters that won’t block air flow. In fact, if we see any issue with the system at all, we’ll conduct furnace repair immediately to ensure you’re not having to endure the season without a reliable source of heat. Our customer service guarantees no area of your furnace is left unchecked. If it means guaranteeing your satisfaction, you can count on us to go the extra mile!

Helpful Furnace Filter Tips

If you stay on top of changing filters, the better your winter will be. But before you change them this winter, here are a few tips from our heating contractor to keep in mind:

  • Set a routine: Right before the colder months begin, mark it on your calendar to change your furnace filters once a month. However, if you have pets with hair and dander living in your home, consider changing your filters even more often. In fact, not changing your filters more often can contribute to allergies.
  • Cut costs upfront: Buying your furnace filters by the case helps reduce long-term costs on filter changes. It can be frustrating having to run out and purchase filters every time they need to be changed. By purchasing in bulk, you’ll save yourself the trip.
  • Know the ideal filter type: Different furnaces require different filters. Find out which type of filter would be best: panel, washable or pleated. In addition, look at the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) number on the filter, which ranges from 1 to 12. The higher the number, the better the filtration.
  • Read the manual: To eliminate any unforeseen problems, always read the furnace’s manufacturer manual before changing the filters. The last thing you can is to wind up damaging your furnace in the long-run simply because you didn’t take the initiative to read the manual before you read.
  • Site It Up: Size it up. You need to have filters in the correct sizes to ensure that your furnace runs with maximum efficiency. It’s important to never run a furnace with an improperly-sized filter. The filter air box or the furnace will always show the correct filter measurements for replacement filters. Look for a panel sticker on the inside of the filter air box door or on the inside of the furnace access panel.

Contact Lighten Up today if you want to make sure your home is kept warm for the remainder of this winter thanks to our heating contractor!

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