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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality with Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is one of the important things you can do for your home. Now that we’re in the midst of winter, making sure you have enough heat for the entire family should be your top concern. The last thing you want is having to endure a bitterly cold evening without a reliable source of heat but if you’re not on top of your furnace needs, it may just be a possibility. However, a lack of heat won’t be the only thing you will need to worry about. A refusal to maintain your heating system may also see indoor air quality plummet and leave your family struggling to catch a breath of fresh air. Indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution can be caused by many things including formaldehyde and other chemicals found in your carpeting, furniture and paint, as well as basic dust and dirt brought in on pets, shoes and even clothing. But your furnace may be leading the way in contaminating your indoor air if you allow it to build up with dust, debris, and allergens. This is often regarded as a problem only older furnaces experience, but new models face just as much of a risk. Before your family begins coughing and sneezing all over the place, it’s time to take action in making sure you stay warm and keep indoor air in check.

Why You Should Call Lighten Up for High-Quality Service

If you want to ensure highly-efficient heating in your home this winter, Lighten Up should be the first place you call. We want homeowners across the local area to experience unlimited comfort through the season, and it’s not just limited to making sure their furnace is producing heat. We’ll make sure your furnace is producing steady, healthy warm air that’s not making anyone in your home struggle to catch their breath. You should call us up for a furnace tune-up once a year to ensure your furnace trouble are kept at a minimum for the next 12 months. During a maintenance check, one of our technicians will carefully examine your heating system for any lingering problems and fix them immediately. In addition, they will clean out any common source of debris buildup like clogged filters. With our help, your home will be warm and healthy for the entire season, allowing you to relax so much more. Even if you sense a problem with your home’s electricity. Plus, you won’t have to worry about spending money on furnace repair or replacement, as we’ll make sure your system is able to work longer than ever before at a highly-efficient level.

How Can Your Furnace Ruin Indoor Air Quality?

Your heating system may not be the first thing that pops into your head when think of what can cause indoor air problems, but here are some reasons why your heating system can turn into an obstacle when trying to keep fresh air in your home:

    1. Dirty filters. Every furnace sports a filter that helps to remove dirt, dander and other allergens before it runs through your heating system and is released into the air you breathe. You should develop a schedule for monthly filter changes during the colder months to prevent buildup.
    2. Humidity Levels: The older the furnace, the less able it is to keep humidity levels stable in your home. This can lead to a buildup of allergens in the air which can lead to a host of physical symptoms (coughing, wheezing, congestion, etc.).
    3. Carbon Monoxide Leaks. There are two ways to keep your family safe form this danger: have your furnace inspected annually and install a carbon monoxide alarm near your furnace. Carbon monoxide is a deadly yet odorless gas that can leak out of older furnaces. Since it can filter in your home completely undetected, having a detector is an absolute must for your family’s safety.
    4. Dirty Air Ducts. A lot of gunk can get trapped in your ductwork and this can fill the air in your home with nasty contaminants. Make to call for professional duct cleaning once a year to avoid any indoor air pollution.

What Can You Do?

Though you may not be a licensed professional, you can still improve your indoor air with some of these furnace maintenance tips:

    • Call Lighten Up for furnace maintenance annually. As part of this service, we can check clean coils and filters as well check for malfunctions.
    • Clean air ducts. Dirt, dust and debris that get trapped in your air ducts can cause mold growth and allergen buildup. Keeping them clean can help eliminate much of the indoor pollution infesting your home.
    • Dust regularly around the house. Dust contains small particles that an induce cold and allergy symptoms. Keeping up with your household chores does come in handy!
    • Install humidifier: This helps keep humidity levels stable and can reduce many upper respiratory symptoms. This is especially helpful if you own an older furnace.

Contact Lighten Up today if you want to improve indoor air quality and home heating thanks to our high-quality furnace maintenance!

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