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4 Sounds Telling You It’s Time for Furnace Repair

Furnace repair is absolutely essential now that it’s officially winter. There’s no doubt we’ll see plenty of low temperatures and snowfall in the weeks and months ahead. The last thing you want to experience is a furnace breakdown that leaves you without heat on one of the coldest nights of the season. However, many homeowners struggle with one thing: when should they call for service? While there are all sorts of warning signs a homeowner can notice, one of the most common is when the furnace begins making odd sounds. The average homeowner may not think all that much about them, but shrugging them off may prove to be an unwise move. If you are hearing your furnace conduct a heavy metal symphony, it is actually a sign that something is seriously wrong with the system. Your furnace is basically telling you that there is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. What you should also know is that each furnace sound is indicative of a different problem. For example, a screeching noise could indicate a different problem compared to a clicking. You need to study up on these sounds before it’s too late and you’re spending thousands of dollars on furnace replacement. A little bit more knowledge can go a long way in guaranteeing your comfort this winter.

Why You Should Call Lighten Up for Service

If you are experiencing difficulties with your furnace, please call Lighten Up for high-quality heating service. Our team of heating contractors are ready to help with any of your needs this season. We understand how important it is to have a steady flow of warm air in your home, and that’s why we will be there for you immediately. Our work is fast, durable, and guarantees your heating system is working better than ever. Your heating system will also enjoy a longer lifespan and greater energy efficiency that will see you save plenty of money in the future. Since we’ll also let you know what each furnace sound indicates, you will be able to quickly identify the problem and makes moves toward getting it repaired. Our furnace repair work also ensures you will save thousands of dollars on furnace replacement, especially when our repairs will help your current heating system last for years. Above all else, you can relax so much more in your home this season once you know your family is being kept warm. Their comfort should always be the top priority, and our team will stop at nothing to guarantee it.

4 Odd Furnace Sounds

While your furnace can hit all sorts of notes, we find these 4 sounds are generally the most common. Here is a brief overview:

  1. Booming: If your furnace is making a booming noise when it starts up, it hints at a problem with the furnace’s ignition. This problem can actually end up causing severe damage to your furnace and burning you as well if you do not take care of it right away. A gas valve opens and sends gas to the burners of the furnace in order to ignite it. If the gas is not ignited immediately, the gas will build up in the furnace and build up until it finally ignites and causes flames and explosion in your furnace.
  2. Cracking: If you are hearing clicking noises coming from your furnace, it could be indicative of a wide range of problems. It may indicate that the spark igniter of your furnace is attempting to ignite the burners or pilot light, but it is not working. In order for your furnace to properly operate, after the thermostat requests heat, the ignition system must be energized. Only then can the gas valve open, the furnace burners light up, and the furnace blower come on and start blowing hot air into your home. If there is a malfunction in the ignition system energizing, there’s likely something wrong with the system. There could also be issues with the thermocouple, which is a flame sensor that opens a gas valve to the furnace burners when it detects a pilot flame. It may also mean the pilot flame is not striking the thermocouple the right way. If the flame sensor does not sense that the flame is lit, the spark ignitor will simply spark over and over until it gives up.
  3. Screeching: If you hear screeching noises coming from your furnace, this will most likely indicate that there is an issue with the motor bearing or the belt. This may not be as concerning as other noises, but if it is not treated immediately, it may result in you spending more money on furnace repair service.
  4. Rattling: If you hear a loud rattling noise coming from your furnace, it could actually mean that part of it is coming loose. It could mean components are banging against each other. It could even be a loose screw. Often, a rattling noise can be rectified by simply tightening up the cover panels. However, it is also possible that a rattling noise can mean that there is a leak in your heat exchanger. This can also indicate carbon monoxide entering your home.

Hearing These Noises? Schedule Your Furnace Repair Now!

Contact Lighten Up today if you want to learn more on what sounds you should hear from your heating system when you sense the time is right for furnace repair!


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