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A Buyer’s Guide to Toilet Installation

Toilet installation is absolutely necessary for your home. That’s not even hyperbole. After all, can you imagine living your home without a working toilet? Not only would it be massively inconvenient, it would be downright unsanitary. You may have a toilet in your home right now, but perhaps it’s old and in desperate need of replacement before it leaks all over your bathroom. If so, you need to consider replacement immediately. However, as urgent as it may be, toilet installation needs to be done with consideration. The only thing worse than no toilet or being stuck with a faulty one is purchasing a toilet that is totally wrong for your home. When you factor in that the average cost of a toilet ranges around $384, with some models ranging up to $800, choosing to install the wrong toilet may result in significant money loss. It may also lead you to spend more money later down the road on repair & maintenance bills due to frequent toilet breakdowns. That may mean your total spending may reach up to the thousands, all because you were impatient during the installation process. If you want to avoid going down wrong path with your heating system, please think before you purchase. It can mean all the difference in how happily you live in your home.

Why Should You Call Lighten Up for Service?

Fortunately, Lighten Up is here to make that decision a lot easier. We want to see homeowners with reliable, cost-efficient plumbing fixtures. Our local plumbers will go to any length to ensure you have plumbing that won’t be costing you serious money, especially if it means installing new toilets. We will work with you in ensuring there won’t be any missteps and you land the right toilet for your home. From there, we can install a new unit quickly so you are not wasting another moment with a faulty toilet or no toilet at all. You will experience lower costs on utility bills, so you will worry less how much money it is costing you just to flush the toilet. Since your new toilet will also be properly sized, you will notice both greater performance and space-saving.

4 Features You Need to Consider for Your New Toilet

Modern toilets boast impressive features making your plumbing more efficient, so please consider any of the following for your next installation:

  1. Touchless Units: One of the best innovations in modern toilets are automatic flushing sensors. They are perfect in the event you don’t want to touch the toilet or simply forgot to flush. They are wonderful for those who don’t like touching toilets or who have forgetful friends and family members.
  2. One or Two Piece: You also have to choose between one or two-piece toilets. Two-piece toilets have the tank rest on the bowl and are usually tightened in place. But one-piece units, although more expensive, are quite sleek and much easier to keep clean.
  3. Dual Flush: The dual flush will give you two options—a partial flush for liquids or full flush for solids. This allows you greater control over how much water your toilet uses, saving you tons of money on toilet service.
  4. Rebates and Warranties: Please ask one of our local plumbers for any available rebates or warranties. When you are already spending hundreds of money, you need to know how you can get some money go back into your pocket. Some warranties will keep you covered for years so you won’t pay more for toilet replacement or repair.

What Should You Know Before Purchasing?

Before you finalize your purchase, you should definitely what you need out of these 4 areas:

  1. Seat Height: The average height of a standard toilet is around 14.5 inches, but will vary if the toilet is handicap-rated. You need to make sure you install a toilet that can provide a comfortable amount of distance. There needs to be a comfortable amount of distance and difference between these models when you bend your knees.
  2. Bowl Shape: The two main toilet bowl types are round and oval-shaped. Many homeowners find oval-shaped toilet bowl to be more comfortable, as they are couple inches longer than round counterparts. However, you will need to account for those extra inches in your bathroom layout when considering physical space.
  3. Physical Space: Though you may want to install that modern, highly-efficient toilet in your home without thought, it may not even fit in your home. You need to consider how can have a highly functional toilet also providing you with enough elbow room to move comfortably in the bathroom.
  4. Flushing Efficiency: Toilets with gravity-fed flushes can generate as little as 10 PSI and work effectively. While they do boast a smaller upfront cost, you have a much higher risk clogging due to their inability to push waste effectively. Though pressure units are noisier and more expensive, they use less water and saves you money. 

Don’t Let A Broken Toilet Ruin Your Winter Fun – Invest In A New Toilet And Schedule A Toilet Installation Today

Call Lighten Up today if you want to ensure higher quality plumbing with excellent toilet installation!

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