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7 Money-Saving Heating Maintenance Tips

Heating maintenance will save you from the greatest fear of homeowners everywhere—high costs on utility bills. For plenty of homeowners during the fall and winter, trying to save money on heating bills is difficult, albeit understandably so. When the outdoor temperatures begin to dip below freezing, homeowners will turn on their heating systems immediately so they can take comfort in a steady flow of heat. However, in the process, this will also make heating costs rise significantly. Making matters even more complicated is that you simply cannot go without heat during the colder months. It’s a basic necessity, and definitely not something you should risk when you are living with a growing family. Though it may seem like you will have to spend yet another fall and winter with high heating costs, it does not have to be that way. Higher costs on heating bills are often due to a homeowner’s lack of knowledge on how to heat their homes properly. As a result, you may experience the following: poor heating system efficiency, shortened heating system lifespan, noticeably uneven temperature in your home, and an increased likelihood you will need to seek furnace replacement. But a little brushing up on heating knowledge will greatly work in your favor this season.

How Can Lighten Up Help You?

If you want high-quality heating maintenance, please call Lighten Up immediately. Though you may not be a licensed heating contractor with all the tools and experience, we believe it’s important for our customers to know the ins and outs of their heating system so they no longer have to dread when their next heating bill arrives in the mail. In addition to providing any furnace installation or furnace repair you may need this season, our contractors can carefully inspect your heating system to ensure it is ready to go for the colder weather ahead. From there, we can spot and repair any underlying issues as soon as possible. With our help you will experience greater savings throughout the season, and relax so much easier knowing your family’s heating needs have been met. Plus, once we provide you with heating services, you will walk away with greater knowledge on the inner workings of your heating system so you know how to avoid making any mistakes in the future.

7 Tips for Heating Maintenance

The next time you are looking to save a few dollars more, please take note of these 7 heating maintenance tips:

  1. Seal up Air Leaks: Air leaks will prove one of the most major causes of heating loss in your home, so it’s important to conduct an inspection for any cracks and holes in your home where warm air may leak out. These will most commonly be found in attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Sealing air leaks with heating tape will reduce the transfer of cold air into your home and prove an incredibly effective way of lowering heating costs.
  2. Decrease Water Heater Temperature: Though you will definitely need hot water at this time of year, you should turn down the temperature on your water heater by 10 or even 20 degrees. This will both prevent the water heater from expending more energy and keep the hot water from verging on scalding. Such a simple adjustment may turn out to be one of the most effective ways to cut costs.
  3. Replace Furnace Filters: Furnace filters eventually become clogged by dirt and debris, resulting in blocked airflow and poor system efficiency. It is important to clean and replace filters regularly to ensure the furnace is not working harder to produce heat. In fact, filters should be replaced monthly during the fall and winter to ensure the best heating performance.
  4. Insulate Your Home: A lack of insulation in your home means a lot of your heating efforts are going to waste by escaping into the cold outdoors. It may also put you at greater risk for frozen pipes. Adding more insulation may have a higher upfront installation cost, but can be well worth the price for the money you’ll save during the winter. It will be much more effective in keeping heat in your house, allowing you to experience greater comfort throughout the season.
  5. Use Sunlight: When it comes to saving money on heating bills, you should lighten up, literally. On sunny days, open the curtains and allow sunlight to filter throughout your home for natural, free heating. It is so much more cost-efficient than turning on your furnace and having it expend so much energy just to heat your home.
  6. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat: A programmable thermostat will be able to provide you with greater control over the temperature in your house, ensuring not a single bit of heat is wasted on areas of the house that don’t need it. One of the more effective ways to handle a programmable thermostat is to have it set to raise the temperature in the morning and cools it down at night. This ensures you won’t forget to adjust the amount of heat you’re getting based on the time of day.
  7. Call Lighten Up for Annual Heating Maintenance: You should have your heating system inspected by a contractor at Lighten Up at least once a year. We will be more likely to spot any underlying issues with your heating system, making any necessary repairs in the process. Not only will this help you save money on heating for the next 12 months, you can also extend the lifespan of your heating system.

Stay Ahead Of The Colder Weather – Schedule A Heating Maintenance Service Today

Contact Lighten Up today if you want to ensure you save tons of money this season by investing in heating maintenance!

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