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Discovering The Furnace Repair Needed For Your System

A furnace repair can save you from plenty of cold nights this fall and ensure your heating system works better than ever. Unfortunately, some homeowners out there don’t see it the same way and will go through the season thinking their furnace will be immune from any problems. This will prove to be a costly mistake, as they may find themselves much worse for wear later in the season. Though the average lifespan of a high-efficiency furnace hovers around 15 to 20 years, it may be shortened if a homeowner isn’t paying enough attention to their furnace and allows problems to worsen. Worse, you may wind up paying more on energy and repair bills, eventually leaving your wallet totally empty. That could be a huge loss, considering furnaces today may boast an AFUE rating of up to 98.5%. A lack of awareness on what can possibly go wrong with your furnace may be your downfall this season, at least in terms of your home comfort and saving. When you are simply trying to enjoy life this fall and winter, you should take it upon yourself to brush up on furnace knowledge so you can communicate problems to a professional and achieve a better peace of mind. A little more attention to your furnace may be the one thing that helps you relax throughout the year.

How Can Lighten Up Take Care Of Your Furnace Repair Needs?

Lighten Up is here to provide a high-quality furnace repair the next time your heating system is not working up to standard. We want you to enjoy the fall to its fullest, and having a reliable heating system will be key to your enjoyment. Our heating contractors are willing to provide even the smallest repairs so your heating system continues to work the best of its abilities. We can also provide a quick maintenance check on your furnace to ensure not a single problem has gone unnoticed. With our help, we will extend the lifespan of your furnace by years so you are not spending more money on repair. We can also ensure you have cleaner, safer furnace that will lower the risk of home heating fires and carbon monoxide exposure. You will be able to relax so much more in your home knowing you have a heating system protecting you and the entire family from the bitter cold.

7 Common Furnace Repairs

While there is a lot that can go wrong with your system, we generally find homeowners encounter these 7 common problems:

  1. Strange Noises: If you hear your furnace making any crashing or banging noises, it could be indicative of a wide range of problems including furnace belt issues. If belts are loose, replace them immediately. Loose belts are a dangerous sign in any furnace. If the sounds continue despite that, please call a heating contractor immediately.
  2. No Heat: Don’t panic right away once your furnace first stops to produce heat. It may instead just have something to do with the furnace’s fuse and main electrical panel or subpanels. It is possible the circuit breaker tripped and just needs to be reset. If this doesn’t work, please call a heating contractor immediately to assess if you need furnace replacement. 
  3. Frequent Cycling: Frequent cycling with your furnace while in the off/on transition could be indicative of a wide range of issues. It could mean a clogged filter, poor airflow or improper thermostat modes. These problems need to be fixed immediately before they begin to do a number on your furnace’s level of efficiency.
  4. Yellow Pilot Light: You should be concerned if the pilot light is any color but blue, as it means you have problems with the furnace’s combustion or internal components are blocked. Worst, of all, a yellow pilot light indicates that carbon monoxide is leaking out of your furnace, making repairs from Lighten Up absolutely essential if your safety is threatened. 
  5. Thermostat Problems: Thermostats are responsible for giving you greater temperature control in your home and allow you to set the temperature best suited for your heating needs. However, if the thermostat is experiencing problems, it is often due to the thermostat not being serviced regularly. One of our heating contractors will make thermostat calibration a required step of any furnace tune-up
  6. Ignition Problems: The most common indicator of ignition failure is the furnace not working when you switch it on. Since the ignition is responsible for sparking heat, it will cause the furnace to not percolate properly.
  7. Extensive Physical Damage: Though it is expected for a furnace to exhibit some basic and wear as it advances in age, it should be a concern if damage begins to negatively impact your furnace’s performance. Have a professional take a look at any significant cracks or dents with your system to determine if it is disruptive your furnace’s internal components.

Don’t Get Caught In The Cold This Fall – Schedule A Furnace Repair Service Today

Contact Lighten Up today if you want to improve home heating this fall with our high-quality furnace repair!

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