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5 Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting

Outdoor safety lighting is one of the most important things to consider this fall. With the rate of home break-ins in the United States still at a high, you need the upmost protection to keep any intruders away. The FBI reports an average of 200 homes in the country are broken into per hour. That adds up to an average of 4,800 break-ins a day. The unfortunate thing about many of these cases is that they could have been easily avoided if the home were equipped with reliable lighting on its exterior. A home without outdoor lighting is much more attractive to intruders, especially where there are no lights on the property to detect them. Not to mention, home aesthetic takes a considerable hit. Without any lighting to make the home stand out from the pack, it’s visually unappealing to any passersby. Both of these problems add up to lower property resale value, as your home’s lack of safety and aesthetic features will fail to convince buyers to give it a second look. If you want to reverse your fortunes for the better this fall, you need to call a licensed electrician who can help your home shine brightly and safely.

How Can Lighten Up Help You?

Lighten Up should be your first choice for any lighting upgrades this fall. When you want to guarantee safety for your entire family, our team of electricians are more than willing to help. After all, maintaining your well-being is the top goal of all our services, and our work on outdoor safety lighting will be no different. Though our installation is quick, our electricians will be sure to consult with you before any work is done. We want to make sure you are getting the lighting perfect for your home. Though you may not experience a home break-in this season, it is nonetheless important to have lighting on guard in the event of an emergency. In fact, once you work with us, you will be able to relax so much more. We can keep the threat of a break-in down to an all-time low and boost that property resale value back up to something potential buyers will want.

What Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting Should You Consider?

Though you should install outdoor safety lighting as soon as possible, there are so many different lighting options available now that it may be tough deciding what you want. If we could recommend any lighting, we would say these 5 are probably the most important:

  1. Motion Sensors: If there is any one type of outdoor safety lighting you absolutely need in your home, it is definitely motion sensors. They turn on immediately when they detect movement on your property. Motion sensors will flash on so suddenly that it can even startle and scare away an intruder. Since they will be mounted close to the home, it will require an intruder to get up close and leave them in a difficult position to escape.
  2. Pathway/Driveway Lighting: While it may seem too difficult to break into a home through the front door, it is much more common than you think, especially if the front of the home does not have any lighting. Fortunately, there are several options available today to keep it protected, with one of the top choices being pathway and driveway lighting. Though they may be used for decorative purposes and allow you to enter your home with a better peace of mind, they also prove to be a huge safety benefit in the event you need to evacuate your home suddenly, allowing you to exit the house safely without tripping over anything. 
  3. Flood Lighting: Flood lights are incredibly effective in providing a strong amount of lighting for the entire property. It does wonders for home safety and aesthetic, especially when it gives you the option of up and down lighting to shed new light on property features like trees and shrubbery. The best aspect of flood lighting is that since it highlights your entire property, an intruder will have little place to hide. Without any trees or shrubbery to hide behind, they may not even go near your home at all.
  4. Outdoor Hanging Lights: if you are looking for a way to bring new light to your front porch and doorway, outdoor hanging lights are the way to go. Since they illuminate front doorways, an intruder will be less inclined to break-in. It also protects you as you enter and leave the home at night, especially if you need to exit in an emergency situation. Plus, if you have any small architectural features in need of light, calling for outdoor lighting installation can highlight them and boost home aesthetic.
  5. Post Lanterns and Torches: Though lights, like lanterns and torches, are used to decorate backyard decks and pool areas, they also boast incredible safety features. Intruders are generally much more likely to enter through the back of the home under the belief the area will not be as well lit. In that case, these lights will provide immediate detection.

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