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6 Drain Cleaning Tips For This Fall

Drain cleaning is highly important this fall if you want to avoid the hassle of clogged drains. Nothing can ruin your fun this season quite like a clog that pops up out of nowhere, and you need to know what can be done to ensure it does not overtake your entire plumbing system. One small clog can be deceiving. A homeowner may not think it is a huge deal at first, but this will only give it time to grow into something much worse. Soon enough, they wind up paying more on utility bills, lose access to their most essential plumbing fixtures, and are simply unable to live in their home conveniently. Worse, due to a lack of working toilets and showers, there will also be a lack of sanitation in the house. Don’t be one of these homeowners and instead opt to take a proactive approach with your home’s plumbing system. By staying on top of any drain problems, you will be able to get them fixed much sooner and be able to enjoy the season to its fullest extent!

Why Should You Call Lighten Up for Service?

Lighten Up should be your first choice for drain cleaning this fall. If you begin to suspect your drains are on the verge of clogging, we will be able to provide service at any time. Our team of plumbing contractors will make the extra effort to ensure even the smallest clogs are eliminated from your drains. We even offer a wide range of solutions including camera inspection, drain snaking, hydro jetting, and so much more. Thanks to our help, you will be able to cut plumbing costs in half and extend the lifespan of your home’s most essential plumbing fixtures by years. Even if you are struggling to determine when the time is right for service, take comfort in knowing Lighten Up will be there for you at any time. When it comes to guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction this fall, we will always be available to ensure your plumbing needs are met fully.

The Top 6 Tips on Drain Cleaning

In addition to our excellent drain cleaning service, we also want to show you how to avoid drain clogs on your own time. Contrary to popular belief, you do not always need high-tech equipment to eliminate clogs. Sometimes all it takes is a few resources around the house to ensure your plumbing system remains clog-free. Please follow these 6 helpful tips when you are looking to do a little bit of drain cleaning on your own:

  1. Keep a Plunger in the House: Though it may not look like much, a plunger is one of those must-have tools in your home. Who knows when a clog may suddenly appear, and that’s why keeping a plunger handy will ensure you are ready to confront any clog. All it may take to fix a minor clog is a few furious plunges. It is simple yet effective. If you don’t have one in your household, what is holding you back?
  2. Pour Dish Detergent Down the Toilet: Dish detergent already does an effective job in eliminating stains from dishware. Pour a ½ cup of detergent down the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow the soap to see into the bowl and work as lubricant for any clog.
  3. Use a Drain Snake: For areas a plunger cannot reach, use a plumbing snake to break up the clog and clear the drain. It is appropriately snake-like in form so it can reach even the hardest-to-find areas of your plumbing system and features a hook on its end to scoop out any materials from your drains. 
  4. Boiling Hot Water: Boiling water in a pot or a tea kettle and pouring it down the drain will loosen up any substances sticking to the walls of your drains. This is especially useful for any grease or oil buildup, which can harden and make passage through drains impossible.
  5. Keep Grease and Oil Out: Did you recently cook a meal using lots of grease or oil? If so, do not put its remains down the drain. As mentioned earlier, grease and oil will eventually harden and create buildup so massive that it will require you to call Lighten Up for service. To avoid any clogging, store any grease or oil leftover from cooking in a container and then discard it in the regular garbage.
  6. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners: Sure, those television commercials may make chemical drain cleaning look nice, but using it too much will bring unforeseen damage to your plumbing system. The makeup of these chemical cleaners will eventually eat away at piping material, resulting in you seeking pipe repair. Only use it sparingly or in emergency situations. It will be much kinder to our plumbing system to use more organic cleaning solutions.

Don’t Let Drain Clogs Sneak Up On You – Schedule Your Drain Cleaning Service Today

Contact Lighten Up today if you want to ensure you have a clog-free plumbing system this season thanks to our drain cleaning!

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