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Water Heater Installation Checklist

Water heater installation is essential to living comfortably in your home during the fall and winter. However, you need to make sure you avoid spending money on the wrong unit. Time after time, we see homeowners fall into the same trap—they grow impatient, buy the nearest water heater they can find, and wind up being worse for wear with a system that isn’t right for them. Installing the wrong water heater can bring all sorts of consequences including poor energy efficiency, frequent system breakdowns, and even safety risks, such as potential carbon monoxide exposure. Now with the temperatures outdoors slowly cooling down, buying the wrong water heater is not a risk you should take, especially when hot water demands will only grow within the next few months.

Why Call Us for Water Heater Installation?

Lighten Up should be your number-one destination for water heater service this fall. We have a team of water heater contractors available to ensure you land the water heater perfect for your home. We pride ourselves on personable customer service that will put your needs atop our list of priorities. Once you do decide on a water heater, we can install it quickly so you are not spending a single moment without hot water during the season. Even if you think your current water heater is working without issue, it may not be efficient enough to ensure you live happily through the fall and winter. We can also provide replacement services that switch out the old with the new in no time at all. When it comes to your comfort during the colder months, we will always be willing to go the extra mile.

6 Points of Consideration Before Installing

Installing the right water heater brings with it many upfront benefits including an adequate amount of hot water for the whole family, improved energy efficiency, and longer system lifespan. However, before you throw money down on the table for your next water heater purchase, it’s important to consider these 6 factors to ensure you are getting the absolute best water heater for your needs:

  1. Type: You don’t necessarily need to stick with that conventional water heater tank if it cannot meet your needs. Water heaters are available in many different types, including: conventional, tankless, solar, indirect, and tankless coil. Each of these types bring with their set of pros and cons. For example, while tankless water heaters may boast a 20-year lifespan and 96% efficiency rate, they also have a higher upfront installation cost. It may not be the best type for you, if it comes down to the fact you’re looking for a water heater that is more cost-efficient on the installation front.
  2. Cost: Speaking of cost-efficiency, you may be inclined to purchase the most cost-efficient model so you aren’t putting a major dent in your savings. However, this may also put the quality of the unit’s water heating abilities at risk. If its water heating abilities provide poor energy efficiency, you may wind up spending more on energy bills anyway. Worse, a water heater with lower quality performance may be more likely to experience frequent breakdowns, increasing your spending on water heater repair.
  3. Energy Efficiency: You don’t just need an effective water heater; you need an efficient water heater. Even if you currently own a water heater that can provide hot water for all purposes, you may still struggle paying for it due to high costs on energy bills. Replacing it with a modern unit will provide hot water that strikes the right balance between energy efficiency and effective water heating abilities.
  4. Fuel Type: Water heating fuel types include: gas, electricity, propane and solar. Determining fuel type is highly important if you are considering replacing your current water heater. If you own an electric water heater costing you too much on electrical bills, you may want to consider upgrading to a gas water heater instead. In addition, each fuel type may present different annual operating costs, which can impact your decision depending on how much you’re looking for cost-efficiency.
  5. Size: Before we conduct any installation work, it is important for one our water heating contractors to inspect your home. This will help determine what size of water heater will be perfect for your home. Choosing the wrong sized water heater can bring a number of hardships to life in your home including frequent water heater breakdowns and a general lack of hot water to satisfy the needs of anyone in your household.
  6. Hot Water Demands: Lastly, you need to consider what’s in it for you in terms of how a water heater can meet your hot water demands. You do not necessarily need to purchase a large water heater if you live alone. In fact, it may be downright inefficient to purchase a water heater that will produce more than you need. On the opposite end, if you have a family to keep warm and comfortable, you need to make sure you have a water heater that can meet a wide range of needs.

Don’t Get Stuck With Cold Water – Schedule A Water Heater Installation Today

Contact Lighten Up today for high-quality that will provide you with hot water for the fall and winter thanks our amazing water heater installation.

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