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3 Signs You Need Toilet Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

If you haven’t upgraded your bathroom in the last 10 years or so, you might be wondering whether you need toilet replacement in Fort Collins, CO. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at three signs that indicate you need a new toilet.

You Need Toilet Replacement in Fort Collins, CO When…

There probably isn’t a single homeowner in the country who wants to deal with a broken toilet. Aside from sewer backups, a broken toilet is one of the most unpleasant—and oftentimes embarrassing–issues you’ll have to deal with. It’s also one that usually requires immediate action, because the waste water from a toilet is not something you want to have leaking all over your house.

So how can you tell if you need a new toilet? Look for the following signs:

  • The toilet bowl is cracked. Toilet bowls are made of sturdy porcelain (usually), but if it’s cracked, don’t even think about trying to patch it up. It’s not going to be even a short-term solution. You’ll need to replace the toilet.
  • The toilet mechanism makes hissing noises and keeps running. While this can possibly indicate a minor problem, in most cases, it means the interior mechanism is broken. Your best bet is to replace it entirely.
  • You’ve repaired the toilet multiple times. If you’re at your local hardware store every weekend getting new parts, you’re probably just delaying the inevitable. Getting a new toilet can make your life SO much easier!

In addition, you might want to get a new toilet when you’re remodeling your bathroom. Plus, if you need to adapt your home because you’re getting older and less mobile, you’ll need to replace your current toilet with a more accessible one.

Contact Lighten Up for Top-Rated Toilet Replacement in Fort Collins, CO.

If you need to have your toilet replaced, call the team here at Lighten up. We’re happy to advise you on your best options. Plus, we can remove your old toilet and install your new one quickly and cost-effectively.

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