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How Can You Prevent a Leaky Pipe in Loveland, CO?

A leaky pipe in Loveland, CO can sneak up out of nowhere. Considering most of them form in areas of your home not immediately visible to the eye, a leaky pipe can linger and worsen without you even being aware there was a problem at all. Soon enough, you’re paying higher costs water bills and unable to use your plumbing fixtures to the best of their abilities. But what if we asked you this: what would happen if pipe leaks were avoided altogether?

Well, we’re here to inform you that it’s entirely possible and the team at Lighten Up is here to help. A leaky pipe in Loveland, CO can be incredibly inconvenient, especially when it heightens your risk of water damage. Of course, we want to see our customers live comfortably in their home free of any plumbing problems, and that’s why we’re more than willing to provide service that will make sure you take the steps in the future to prevent them.

Tips for Avoiding a Leaky Pipe in Loveland, CO

If you feel your home’s plumbing system is soon to give way to a pipe leak, it’s best to take the following actions:

  • Replacing Your Older Pipes: If you still have older pipes in your home made of cast-iron or clay, they are incredibly outdated and are highly susceptible to leaks. Pipes made of this material are much more likely to break apart, easily allow for leaks to form and result in major water damage on your property. You need modern, durable pipes that will provide long-lasting performance in keeping the risk of leaks to a minimum.
  • Regular Drain Cleaning: A clog in your pipes can grow so severe that the clog itself will begin to apply pressure on the piping, resulting in leakage. The simplest way to avoid this is with regular drain cleaning either with a plunger or by calling up a professional for maintenance. Allowing clogs in your drain will only spell doom for your pipes, so plunging and hydro-jetting your drains regularly should keep you far away from the risk.
  • Consider a Pressure Regulator: One of the most common causes of a leaky pipe is due to high water pressure. When pressure is not regulated, it can heighten the risk of the pressure getting intense enough to cause the pipes to crack or break apart. A pressure regulator will instead ensure the water pressure remains at an effective yet safe level.
  • Locate the Shut-Off Valve: In the event that you do notice a pipe leak in your home, it’s important to locate your shut-off valve. Your shut-off valve will stop any water from flowing through your pipes, preventing them from leaking and wasting gallons of water. The valve is commonly located in the basement or the outside walls in a utility area of your house.

Contact Lighten Up today if you want to learn more on what you can do to prevent a leaky pipe in Loveland, CO and have one of our professionals provide repair!

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