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3 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Smoke Detection in Fort Collins, CO

You just burnt dinner in the oven. Uh oh. Smoke is billowing and it seems your smoke detection in Fort Collins, CO will go off any moment. Except it doesn’t, allowing the smoke to fill up in your home and force you to evacuate your home immediately. While your smoke detection should turn on upon detecting the first traces of smoke in your home, there may come a point where you will need to replace it to ensure the safety of your family.

At Lighten Up, we can’t think of a scarier scenario than a fire starting in your home in the middle of the night and having no detection to awake you in the event of an emergency. That’s why we’re available to replace smoke detection in Fort Collins, CO at any time. Your safety means everything to us, and smoke detection is one way to ensure your well-being isn’t put in jeopardy. We have modern smoke detection technology available to provide you with a high level of security. All you need to do is call as soon as possible.

When Should You Replace Smoke Detection in Fort Collins, CO?

It’s time to pick up the phone and call Lighten Up immediately when you notice any of the following with your smoke detection:

  1. Slow Startup: Smoke detection should kick on immediately once it senses any trace of smoke in your home. If you notice it beginning to take longer than usual in starting up, however, you have every right to be concerned. While this could indicate that you will need to change the battery, you’re much better off replacing it entirely.
  2. No Noises: Make no mistake, the sound of a smoke detector can really do a number on your ear drums, but it’s much better to hear than have no noise alert you of smoke at all. This can be concerning if there is smoke in your home at night when everyone is asleep, and the detector refuses to make a peep.
  3. Physical Damage: Any extensive physical damage like melted wiring or singed insulation is more than enough reason to consider replacement. While some damage won’t necessarily prevent your detector from working, it may shorten its lifespan and result in you seeking replacement much sooner.

Contact Lighten Up today if you need to replace smoke detection in Fort Collins, CO and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your home remains safe!

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