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4 Factors You Must Consider Before Replacing Bathroom Fixtures in Loveland, CO

Your bathroom should be a place where you can unwind after a stressful day, but outdated bathroom fixtures in Loveland, CO can make relaxing impossible. Your plumbing fixtures affect your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal as well as its functionality, and Lighten Up is ready to help you update your space. Whether you’re ready to commit to a full-on remodel or simply want to update your showerhead, the plumbing professionals at Lighten Up are here to help. Before you start updating your bathroom fixtures in Loveland, CO, consider these four factors.

Style and Décor

Interior design isn’t only for bedrooms and living rooms. Your bathroom is another area of your home where you can express your personal taste. When you’re out shopping for plumbing fixtures, you have the opportunity to choose hardware that perfectly matches the rest of your home’s décor. Choose a showerhead that is sleek and modern or go for a sink faucet that is antique-looking and rustic.


If you haven’t updated your plumbing fixtures in a while, you may be surprised by how many different options there are. For your showerhead especially, there are several different types to choose from. There’s the basic wall-mounted unit, but then there are also hand-held options, rain showerheads, and body sprays. Each kind offers something different, so research your options and decide what exactly you want to get out of your new bathroom fixtures in Loveland, CO.


Updating your plumbing fixtures is also a great opportunity to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. New high efficiency showerheads are designed to reduce water waste as well as take strain away from your water heater. Installing an eco-friendly showerhead will save the environment as well as you bank account. You’ll enjoy lower utility bills without sacrificing function or performance.


Choosing new fixtures is only half your task. Once you pick out the perfect faucet and showerhead, you’ll need an experienced plumber to install them. If your new fixtures are installed incorrectly, they could end up breaking or causing serious plumbing issues. Find a plumbing company you can trust to provide you with high-quality services.

For property owners in Loveland, CO, finding the right plumbing company is as easy as calling Lighten Up. They’re a family-owned company with over 25 years of professional experience, and they’re known for their commitment to customer satisfaction. Take the first step toward updating your bathroom fixtures in Loveland, CO by giving them a call today.

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