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How Can You Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency in Loveland, CO?

Does it seem like your air conditioner is leaving you feeling a little less cool than you’re used to? Don’t worry, you’re not alone: so many homeowners let their air conditioner run and run and run, then wonder why its cooling ability feels reduced from when they bought it. Hold on before you go and complain to the manufacturer — there’s a strong possibility you can take care of the problem yourself, even if you’re a little shaky on other DIY efforts. Most of the time, things are as simple as reduced airflow for one reason or another, naturally caused over time by the wear and tear of normal operation. By doing just a little bit of regular maintenance, you can ensure your AC’s performance never wanes. Need some tips? Here are a few ways you can improve air conditioner efficiency in Loveland, CO:

  • Remember to change the filter on a regular basis: The number of times you need to change your filter largely depends on the type of AC system you have, how much you use it and the environment you live in. The general rule of thumb is to change it twice a year, once at the beginning of the cooling season and again at the beginning of the heating season. If you live in an area with more pollutants, or if you’re using your air conditioner quite a lot, you may want to change it more often — many people do it monthly to ensure there are no reductions in efficiency.
  • If you’ve got a condenser unit, make sure it’s protected from the elements: If you’ve got an HVAC system with a condenser unit that sits outside, place it in an area that’s shaded from the sun to make sure it remains at a cool temperature. Then, when winter or a particularly windy day rolls around, make sure it’s covered with a tarp or some other material to keep the elements away and reduce damage and debris.
    Regularly check your unit for debris and clear it out: It might seem obvious, but the best way to make sure nothing is wrong with your air conditioner’s efficiency is to physically check the unit on a regular basis. Set a calendar reminder to look at it every once in a while if you need to, and make sure there is no debris reducing the flow of air.

A little bit of preventative maintenance can keep you from wondering why your air conditioner seems to be cooling so much worse than when you bought it. If you’re really concerned about a reduction in air conditioner efficiency in Loveland, CO, contact Lighten Up today. Their HVAC specialists can come over, take a quick look, and get you back on your way to feeling cool and dry in no time.

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