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3 Warning Signs You Need Outlet Repair in Loveland, CO

Maintaining your home’s electrical system is critical to your safety—and that’s why you need to be aware of signs you need outlet repair in Loveland, CO.

You Need Outlet Repair in Loveland, CO If…

Outlets are the most visible part of your electrical system, and they’re also the part that you come into contact with when you plug in an appliance. In order to avoid electrical shocks, or even fires, you need to make sure all of your home’s outlets are in good repair. The following signs, however, indicate that an outlet needs repairing:

  1. Brown or black discoloration: If you see this on your outlet, it’s usually a sign of an electrical fire inside the outlet. Your outlet needs to be replaced immediately.
  2. Sparks: It’s not uncommon to see small, blue sparks now and then when you plug in an appliance or device. However, if you see these sparks more often or if they grow larger, you’re probably dealing with a short in the outlet.
  3. Warm outlets: If an outlet feels warm to the touch, that’s not good. The heat could be caused by damaged wires on an electrical fire.

Call Lighten Up for Outlet Repair in Loveland, CO

In all of the examples mentioned above, you should definitely not try to fix the outlet yourself. You run the risk of electric shock, or, if you make a mistake with the wiring, you could even cause an electrical fire. The smart thing to do is to call us right away and explain what warning sign or signs you’ve seen. We’ll tell you whether to cut the power or not, and of course, we’ll come to your home as soon as possible to assess the situation and provide you with a quote for repairs. In most cases, we’ll be able to complete those repairs within an hour or two.

When you’re dealing with electrical problems, never risk your family, your property, or yourself by either trying to fix them yourself or waiting too long before you call an electrician. Do the smart thing—call your trusted electricians, and Lighten Up right away!

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