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What Types of Security Lighting in Loveland, CO Should You Consider This Summer?

Summer is a great time to get a lot of things done; go to the beach, get a tan, get back in shape, and improve the security lighting in your home. Okay, that last one may not be on everyone’s summer to-do list, but summer is certainly a great time to do it, and if you have questions on installing security lighting in Loveland, CO, we’re the people come to. Below are a few different styles and approaches to consider when it comes time to install that home security lighting.

  1. Motion Activated Lights: This is certainly the most common home security lighting option. Motion sensors lights do exactly as they sound – when they sense someone coming in the vicinity, they turn on, providing light throughout the area. These are not only great for security so you can see who’s coming, but also useful around the home for you too – maybe you have a dark driveway and it’s hard to see coming in at night, or you put them out back so they turn on when the dog goes out so he has some light. They’re also more energy efficient since they’re not on all night, and are the most popular security lighting option for those who don’t need security as a top-notch priority.
  1. Halogen Flood Lights: If you want to a strong, bright flood of light at your fingertips at the flick of a switch, halogen flood lights are an option to consider. These bright lights will efficiently illuminate the exterior of your home, showing you in full view the intruder coming your way. They do consume more energy than some other lights, but are still the most common put in place.
  1. HID Lights: HID lights are the powerhouse of exterior lights. These high intensity discharge bulbs provide maximum light for illuminating a home or parking lot during the night. A little more expensive, these lights are usually reserved for those looking into serious outdoor security lighting, and will get the job done right.
  1. Solar Lights: These aren’t a single type of light per say, but something to consider nonetheless. Solar lights will use the power of the sun captured through solar panels to remain on during the night, and won’t subtract from your energy bills. Energy consumption must be a consideration when using a solar system for lights, since higher-energy lights may consume more throughout the night than the solar cells can save.

If you’re considering installing security lighting in Loveland, CO, the options may seem numerous. For any questions on installation or your specific needs, contact Lighten Up, your local security lighting professionals, for a consultation today.

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