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3 Factors to Consider Before Air Conditioning Installation in Greeley, CO

Installing an air conditioning unit isn’t as easy as cut and paste. As a homeowner, you need to understand and consider all the options of your home’s air conditioning requirements before installation, otherwise you may not receive a system that can adequately do the job you want, or worse yet, get ripped off by a bad contractor. But don’t worry – you have questions on air conditioning installation in Greeley, CO, and we have answers. Read below to see our top 3 factors to consider before air conditioning installation in your home.

  1. Cost: First and foremost, you’re going to need to understand the costs of a new air conditioning unit. Some of these systems can reach upwards of $5,000 or more, so you need to weigh the pros and cons before you purchase. Additionally, knowing how much and what exactly you’ll need will come into your cost considerations down the line, so knowing your preferred price point is a good start.
  1. Size: How big is your house? If it’s a 2 bedroom ranch, it’s not going to need the air conditioning power of a 5 bedroom Victorian. Air conditioning units come in all different sizes depending on the square footage of your home and/or how much of that you actually want to actively cool. Understanding the needs of an air conditioning unit for the unique size of your house is certainly a factor you need to consider before professional installation.
  1. Condenser Placement: If you’re going to have an air conditioning unit installed, you’re going to have to find a home for the brains of the operation – the air conditioning condenser. This large piece of equipment is the heart and soul of your AC unit, and needs a decent amount of space located outside. Additionally, you need to consider placing it in a shaded area to help from overheating, and a safe area to help from potential accidents causing it to fail. Making room for this aspect of the appliance will become a priority if it isn’t all ready.

Installing a new air conditioning unit is a big undertaking that’s going to take some research and preparation, but in the end it will pay off. For local professional air conditioning installation in Greeley, CO, call Lighten Up for the best service around.

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