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3 Signs You Need Sump Pump Repair in Greeley, CO

So flood waters are entering your home—time for your trusty sump pump to do some magic! Only one problem though: your sump pump isn’t working. At all. The flood water are continuing seep into your basement. Your appliances and personal belongings are suddenly at risk. Water damage is imminent. In a difficult situation like this, you need sump pump repair in Greeley, CO immediately. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is a damaged basement that will cost you thousands of dollars in repair!

During your time of need, you can take comfort in knowing Lighten Up will happily provide you with high-quality sump pump repair in Greeley, CO. Even when you suspect there is the smallest problem with your sump pump, please call us at your nearest convenience to prevent those problems from becoming even worse. Our sump pump repairs will work to protect your basement from any future flooding and keep you from spending money on water damage. Best of all, we provide service around the clock, so never hesitate to call at any time.

When Should You Call for Sump Pump Repair in Greeley, CO?

A part of ensuring your sump pump is working to the best of its abilities is identifying any signs it may be on the verge of total failure. If you suspect something may be wrong with your sump pump, please observe the following:

  1. Strange Noises: So your sump pump appears to be working but its operation is noisier than ever—what gives? Well, in this case, it’s indicative that there are some internal mechanical errors are present within the system that need to be fixed immediately. While sump pumps do make some noise while operating, it’s means for concern if these noises are actually disruptive to life in your home.
  2. Mold or Mildew Odor: One of the major upsides of a sump pump is that since it eliminates the risk of water damage, it’s also eliminating the musty smell of mold or mildew that comes along with it. But if these smells are continuing to persist in your home even if you do have a sump pump, it’s clear some work need to be done to the system. These odors can really take away from your home’s atmosphere and certainly won’t make guests feel welcome, so it’s important to get your sump pump fixed at the first whiff of something unpleasant.
  3. Slow Startup: Your sump pump should turn on immediately once it detects flood waters but if you notice it taking longer and longer to work, it may need a little boost from a professional technician before it doesn’t turn on at all. Our team of technicians can ensure your sump pump goes back to working at the speed of light!

Contact Lighten Up today if you need sump pump repair in Greeley, CO that will keep the flood waters away from your basement and keep you at a better peace of mind!

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