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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Greeley, CO: 4 Easy Tips for Homeowners

There are a few unfortunate things that can happen during the summer, like getting a sunburn or dealing with a particularly drippy ice cream cone on a hot day or even losing power during an intense summertime thunder storm. But the worst of all is a lack of air conditioning maintenance in Greeley, CO. Truth be told, a lack of cool air in your home during the summertime can really prevent you from enjoying the season to its fullest.

When your air conditioning needs improvement, you should make a call to Lighten Up. Maintaining your air conditioner should be the top priority before this year’s hottest weather comes rolling around. Our team of licensed technicians can help keep your air conditioner in good condition and make sure it’s ready to go for the season. Even if you don’t think your air conditioner will run into problems this year, it’s always nice to call a professional at Lighten Up for inspection to be 100% sure it’s ready to bring the cool air.

How Can You Conduct Air Conditioning Maintenance in Greeley, CO?

While it is recommended you seek air conditioning maintenance from a professional at least once year, there are a few things you can do on your own time, including:

  1. Replacing AC Filters: The most important task in keeping your air conditioning efficient is by changing the AC filters. When your AC filters become clogged, this will only force your air conditioning to work even harder to produce cool air, resulting in increased energy consumption. Changing them, however, will knock your energy consumption down by at least 5% and should be done regularly.
  2. Condensate Drains: Clogged drain channels can actually prevent air conditioning from reducing humidity, resulting in excess moisture to leak from the system and onto your floors and walls. The best solution to this problem is passing a stiff wire through the system’s drain channels to eliminate any source of clogging. This will keep humidity levels low, and keep your home dry.
  3. Clean Evaporator Coils: Usually, the evaporator coil will stay clean as long as the AC filter will stay clean, but dirt and other filth can still trickle in. Check your evaporator coil every year before turning it on for the season and clean it accordingly.
  4. Install a Programmable Thermostat: Even if your air conditioner is working well, you may want to boost its cooling abilities with the addition of a programmable thermostat. This will give you greater control over in-home climate so you’re getting cool air at a temperature that works best for you.

Contact Lighten Up today if you need air conditioning maintenance in Greeley, CO that will allow your air conditioner to reach new horizons.

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