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How Can You Find the Perfect Water Heater in Loveland, CO This Spring?

Spring often means a chance for new beginnings, and not just in terms of the weather. You may feel inclined to make a few changes around the house, usually with some spring cleaning. However, one overlooked change in your home is purchasing a new water heater. During this past winter, you probably used relied heavily on your water heater in Loveland, CO to provide you with warm water for hot showers and other purposes.  Now that we’re in the midst, that water heater may have some wear and tear to the point where you may be better off replacing it with a new system.

But how do you find the right water heater for your home? Well, allow Lighten Up to provide a helping hand. We don’t want to see you spend all of your money on a water heater that won’t be able to meet the hot water demands of your home. Our team of professionals will help you take all the right steps in ensuring you get a water heater in Loveland, CO that keeps hot water flowing to all of your fixtures. Great water heating is just one of those things that can make your spring all the more comfortable.

Take the Following Action to Find the Best Water Heater!

To ensure you’re getting a water heater that is the perfect fit for your home, please do the following:

  • Research Water Heater Services: This should be your first step in the installation process, especially if you’re new to the Loveland, CO area. Always conduct research before hiring a water heater installation service to do the job. Look up reviews online and read customer testimonials to determine if it’s a service you can trust. If the reviews are overwhelmingly negative, they’re best avoided. Also be sure to ask family, friends, and neighbors for any referrals if they just recently sought water heater service.
  • Consider Water Heater Type: With water heating these days, you have two options: conventional or tankless water heating. Though many homes are still equipped with conventional water heating, tankless water heating is becoming a much more popular option for many homeowners due to their improved energy efficiency and longer lifespan. Tankless water heating, however, is three times more expensive to install and can ward off customers who are on a tighter budget.
  • Consider Your Budget: And speaking of budget, you absolutely need to factor in your budget when determining what water heater would be right for you. Consider both the cost of installation and annual operation. That new, highly efficient water heating model may be great, but it may not be necessarily something that fits within your budget. Your water heating needs and budget need to be in perfect symmetry.
  • Determine Tank Size: Let’s just say you decide to go with conventional water heating. In that case, you need to determine the right size of hot water tank. An improperly sized tank can lead to frequent breakdowns and increased energy consumption. Have your water heater installer conduct measurements in your home before any installation work begins. This will give you a good sense of what water heater will fit seamlessly into your home.

Contact Lighten Up today if you want to make you’re getting a water heater in Loveland, CO that can keep the whole family happy.

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