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3 Common Problems to Make You Call for AC Repair in Loveland, CO

Don’t get lost in the fantasy that you will have this perfect AC that will never, ever need repair. That sort of thinking will leave you blindsided when your AC actually does encounter problems. A part of being a responsible homeowner is understanding that AC system breakdowns happen, and you need to know how to take action so your AC is working again. AC repair in Loveland, CO is exactly what you need this spring to ensure the warmer months ahead will be filled with comforting cool air.

Lighten Up is here this season to provide exceptional repair service that will take care of any of your AC problems before the summer truly arrives. Our technicians have tackled so many different repairs over the years that there’s a great chance your AC problems won’t be too unfamiliar. Our repair service is quick so it will feel like you never needed to call for AC repair in Loveland, CO in the first place. We can make those AC problems a distant memory.

What’s Making You Call for AC Repair?

While there is a lot that can go wrong with your AC, we find these are the 3 most common problems we see our customers encounter:

  1. Refrigerant Leaks: Your AC uses a chemical refrigerant in order to produce cool air. While you can add refrigerant to your AC is levels are getting low, it’s concerning when levels are consistently low. Whatever you do, do not handle a refrigerant leak on your own, as exposure to the refrigerant can be hazardous. Instead, call a professional to inspect the leak and take the right steps in sealing it up.
  2. A Lack of Cool Air: Okay, this problem may be obvious, but you’ll be surprised how long homeowners will allow this problem to persist. A lack of cool air from your AC may have something to do with the system’s electrical controls, which can be faltering due to their age. In this case, you may also want to consider AC replacement.
  3. No Annual Maintenance: It is recommended that you receive annual AC maintenance from a professional. A lack of good maintenance can sink the performance of any AC, and it may leave you paying more for repair and eventual replacement in the future. It can allow even the smallest problems to grow into huge ones that actively prevent you from living comfortably in your home.

Contact Lighten Up today if you need AC repair in Loveland, CO, especially if you are experiencing any of these 3 problems.

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