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Need Help with Generator Maintenance in Fort Collins, CO? Follow This Checklist!

The average homeowner will tend to avoid generator maintenance in Fort Collins, CO due to the perception that maintenance should be performed only by a fully-trained professional. While it’s true for more complex maintenance work, it must be left in the hands of a professional who will know what steps to take in order to fix any problems. However, you’re not totally without power, literally and figuratively. There are several things you can to ensure your generator is up to speed.

While it’s true that you should seek annual maintenance from a professional, the team at Lighten Up is here to remind you that a little maintenance on your end can go a long way. We’ve have been maintaining generators across Fort Collins for years, and we certainly have plenty of maintenance advice to give. In fact, we’ve assembled this helpful checklist that will give your generator the extra boost it needs to keep working throughout the year!

Our Checklist for Generator Maintenance in Fort Collins, CO

If you discover your generator isn’t meeting any of the following criteria, the time for maintenance is now!

Weekly Maintenance

The following activities should be conducted on a weekly basis to maintain a steady flow of power in your home Sunday thru Saturday:

  • Run the generator
  • Check the surrounding area for any fuel or coolant leaks
  • Make sure the circuit breaker is closed
  • Ensure fuel levels are adequate

Monthly Maintenance

Though perhaps not as immediate as the activities above, this maintenance work should be conducted once a month to every six months:

  • Check the engine coolant level
  • Check coolant lines and connections
  • Check the drive belt
  • Inspect the generator’s exhaust pipe, muffler, and the exhaust pipe
  • Check and clean air cleaner units
  • Check battery cables and connections

Annual Maintenance

The following activities should be conducted by a professional during an annual maintenance check:

  • Change oil and filter
  • Change the fuel filter
  • Change the air filter
  • Change spark plugs
  • Test coolant concentration and flush the system

Safety Precautions

Please take the following safety precautions to ensure your generator isn’t placing your well-being at risk:

  • Stock up on candles and flashlights
  • Never install a generator in a garage
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home
  • Allow 5 feet of clearance for generator operation
  • Keep children away from generators

If you want to know more about generator maintenance in Fort Collins, CO, please call Lighten Up today!


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