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Ask Our Electrician in Fort Collins, CO: What Lighting Upgrades Should You Consider?

Believe it or not, amidst the Technicolor flower beds and Plexiglas storefronts decorating the streets of downtown Fort Collins, CO is the source of inspiration for some Disney magic. The downtown proved to be one of two locations serving as inspiration for the creation of Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland and eventually in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. In fact, many features of the legendary Fort Collins downtown area can be found at either theme park, including the vibrant lighting that brings Main Street U.S.A. to life at night. And, really, the downtown area’s virtual light show will make any resident call an electrician in Fort Collins, CO for an upgrade.

But while the area’s brightly lit trees and eye-catching store lighting may not necessarily be something you would want, there are plenty of benefits to upgrading the lighting features in your home. Not only are you enhancing your home’s appearance, but you’re also ensuring safety and increased home value. You’ll make your home the place to be, with new, improved lighting to make any passerby give it a second glance.

If you think the time for a lighting upgrade is now, please call Lighten Up today. We always have an electrician in Fort Collins CO ready to provide you with lighting upgrades that will make your home look and feel brand new again. We can also consult with you on what types of lighting upgrades would be the perfect fit for your home, and we’ll work lightning quick in installing them. Fort Collins, CO may not be Disneyland, but our lighting upgrades can beat a trip to Space Mountain any day of the week!

So, What Type of Lighting Upgrades Should You Consider?

When a wide range of lighting options present themselves to you, it can be a little overwhelming determining the ones you want. Fortunately, our electrician in Fort Collins is here to recommend the following upgrades for your home:

  • Book Shelf & Cabinet Lighting: Sometimes, the best way to make your home a warm, dynamic space is by enhancing its smaller areas with new lighting. It may not even be the areas you would immediately think. Case in point: book shelves and kitchen cabinets. Book shelf lighting can breathe new life into those dusty copies of Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms and Harry Potter novels. Overhead kitchen cabinet lighting can allow that highly expensive dishware and glassware shine a bit brighter. Either way, these lighting upgrades will give your home an extra touch to truly make it stand out.
  • Bathroom Lighting: The bathroom is one room in your home that should evoke immediate feelings of comfort, and part of that is having working, highly-efficient lighting. Flickering lights or no lighting at all can seriously distract from the overall atmosphere of your home. Plus, can you imagine what it would be like to take a nice, hot shower with poor lighting? Talk about an inconvenience! You also wouldn’t want any houseguest to walk into a bathroom that doesn’t have reliable lighting, so it’s best to keep their interests in mind when considering this upgrade.
  • Kitchen Lighting: When you first think of your kitchen, what immediately springs to mind? Most likely, you probably think of home cooked meals, dinner parties, and maybe even just a quiet, peaceful breakfast alone. Now imagine any of those things without updated lighting. The possibilities can range from mildly inconvenient to incredibly hazardous. New kitchen lights will make that home cooked meal even tastier and bring an extra layer of atmosphere to those family dinners around the table!
  • Exterior Lighting Options: Of course, it isn’t just enough to upgrade the lighting inside your home. The exterior needs some attention as well, especially in regards to home safety. Our electrician in Fort Collins, CO can provide you with plenty of exterior lighting options that keep the whole family away from intruders. Upgrades in pathway lighting and deck lighting can mean all the difference in whether an intruder sees your home as potential place to break in. Your safety is always the top priority as far as Lighten Up is concerned.

Contact Lighten Up today if any of these lighting upgrades appeal to you and we’ll gladly send an electrician in Fort Collins, CO to your home!

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