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5 Common Types of Furnace Repair in Windsor

Winter is nearing its end and spring’s just around the corner—and that means it’s time to consider whether you need furnace repair in Windsor.

Why You Should Consider Furnace Repair in Windsor at the End of the Winter

You’re probably thinking, “Temperatures are going to rise soon, so I won’t be using my furnace. Why do I need repair?” It’s a valid question. The answer is that after a couple of months of heavy use, there are likely to be minor or even major issues that need repairing. Now, if you don’t take care of those repairs now and instead, postpone them till the fall, then you might get into the situation that the temperature suddenly drops—but your furnace isn’t up to par. That’s why we always advise doing a tune-up and performing repairs at the end of the winter.

Types of Furnace Repair in Windsor

There are a number of common furnace repairs we see all the time:

  1. Damaged heat exchanger. Any cracks or holes will cause combustion gas to mix with the air in your home—and that can have deadly consequences. Note: Always make sure you have correctly working carbon monoxide detectors in your home!
  2. Broken or cracked vent pipe. Again, this can lead to exhaust fumes being released into your home.
  3. Faulty connection between the main duct and the furnace. Over time, a secure seal can wear down. If this happens, it needs to be fixed.
  4. Broken pilot light. Especially with older furnaces, this sensitive mechanism needs to be tuned-up regularly.
  5. Damaged blower fan. Constant use can cause wear and tear, which is also made worse by the build up of grime. A broken blower fan means the hot air isn’t forced into your duct system to warm your home.

Lighten Up Provides Top-Rated Furnace Repair in Windsor

The important thing to keep in mind with furnaces is that you shouldn’t try to repair them yourself. Instead, call an experienced heating specialist like the team at Lighten Up. We’re always here to help with top-notch services and affordable prices. Call us to find out more and schedule an appointment.

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