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Generator Maintenance in Windsor: Easy Tips for Homeowners

Generator maintenance in Windsor can extend the life of your generator by years. With just a few easy tune-ups, your generator is guaranteed to supply you with unlimited power to all of your appliances. But do you realize what could happen if you don’t stay on top of maintenance? Unfortunately, too many homeowners know the consequences. You find yourself in a similar position where your appliances lose power in the middle of a storm. This can leave you in a position where you’re navigating through your home via candlelight and unable to use important appliances when you need them the most.

Lighten Up is here to teach you how to properly maintain your generator so you’re not losing power, even during the roughest weather. We want all of our customers to be equipped with long-lasting power that will help use their appliances without the threat of a power outage looming over them. Our team has spent plenty of years maintaining generators across Windsor, and we’re more than happy to show you to do your share of the work!

Helpful Generator Maintenance Tips

Do you want to know how you can extend the life of your generator? Please take not of the following preventive tips from our Lighten Up team:

  1. Check for Leaks: Have you noticed puddles forming around your lawn? Then it indicates your generator is overheating. It will commonly leak oil or coolant. If you can spot the source of the leak on your own, tighten the parts causing the leak or replace them immediately. This will save you plenty of money on repair bills.
  2. Clean Generator Engine: The engine of your generator will eventually become overwhelmed by dirt and other filth. Use an air supply to blow off any dust and use a dampened cloth to wipe off excess dirt and grease.
  3. Inspect Spark Plugs: Be sure to inspect spark plugs every 100 hours for damage, oil residue, and carbon buildup. Immediately replace any spark plugs that will crack. If residue or buildup is found, clean them with a wire brush or spark plug cleaner.
  4. Change the Fuel: An important aspect of generator maintenance is regularly checking the oil by bleeding the fuel and replacing it. You can also add fuel stabilizer purchased as your local hardware store.
  5. Annual Professional Maintenance: It’s recommended to get maintenance from a professional at least once a year. The keen eye of a professional will help point out any problems and get them repaired before they worsen. In addition, a professional can also provide remarkable technical precision when it comes to making any repairs.

Contact Lighten Up today if you need generator maintenance in Windsor, and we’ll show you how to take action against generator failure!

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