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When Should You Call for Water Leak Repair in Windsor?

Have you ever looked up at your ceiling and noticed stains? Or perhaps more familiar: have you noticed your walls and floors are damper than usual? Then it can only mean one thing: you have a pipe leak.  Just the mere mention of it is enough to send any homeowner into a fit. In addition to the fact they aren’t immediately to the human eye, they can also make life miserable in your home. Things like wet spots on walls and floors will wreak havoc on your home, and raise your chances of having to spend money on water damage repair.

At Lighten Up, we can offer you water leak repair in Windsor that wave your pipe problems goodbye. Our team of plumbers work quickly so leaks are spotted, fixed, and your plumbing system is restored in no time at all. Plus, we can teach you just how you can detect leak in your homer and spot them like a pro. While many homeowners know how crucial water leak repair can be, plenty of them know don’t necessarily know how to identify.

Common Indicators of Pipe Leaks

When you’re looking for leaks, please be on the lookout for any of the following indicators in your home:

  1. Stained Ceiling: Sometimes, a pipe underneath your bathroom on the second floor of your home may result in your ceiling becoming stained due to water damage. An even bigger concern is if your ceiling is sagging, which generally indicates the water from the leak is reaching the area.
  2. Wet Spots on Floors and Walls: Are the floors and walls in your home starting to get damper seemingly by the moment? Then it could be an indicator of pipe leaks. Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars, and can only get worse the longer you wait for treatment.
  3. Running Water Sounds: So your water fixtures are turned off, yet you still hear the sound of running water in your home. It’s not a sign of the paranormal at work, but it is a sign a pipe leak may be present in your home.
  4. Excess Mold Buildup: Mold will fester in the colder, darker areas of your home, but if it starts to grow in even the brightly lit areas of your home, it may be the byproduct of a pipe leak. Mold can negatively impact your health, leading to breathing and respiratory problems.

Contact Lighten Up today if you want water leak repair in Windsor, especially if you notice any of these indicators!



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