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Toilet Repair in Fort Collins: 4 Common Toilet Problems

Could you imagine what life in your home would be like without toilet repair in Fort Collins? Not only would you be unable to use arguably the most essential plumbing fixture in your home, but the overall level of sanitation would sink to unbelievable lows. The health of you and your family would be put at risk and as we head into the coldest months of the year, that’s not something you should risk!

If you’re looking to square away any of your toilet problems, call Lighten Up today for toilet repair in Fort Collins! Our team of plumbers have worked on toilets for years, so there’s no problem too big or complex for them to handle. The main goal of our service is to keep your home hygienic, healthy, and happy!

When Should You Call Us?

Most homeowners know how urgent toilet repair can be, but some of them don’t know when the time is right to give Lighten Up a call. Take at the following 4 problems and see if any of them apply to your toilet:

  1. Overflowing: This is the most obvious sign you need toilet repair in Fort Collins and also probably the most urgent. An overflowing toilet is certainly nothing you want to deal with, as it can be incredibly unsanitary, especially if you go long enough without assistance from a professional service. You need to call for service immediately and prepare to deal with a huge mess!
  2. Flapper Problems:  If the toilet keeps running after you’ve flushed it, it means there’s a problem with the flapper, which is the stop that closes the tank off from the bowl. One problem can be that the chain is too tight, which often happens with an older chain that catches on itself. Another problem can be that the flapper is broken and water keeps leaking into the bowl.
  3. Water Trickling into Tank: If you hear a hissing noise coming from your toilet, then it’s most likely a result of water dripping from the tank from the supply line. These parts may need to be adjusted as the refill tube should be about a quarter of an inch below the overflow tube’s rim.
  4. Frequently Clogged Drains: A toiler that suffers from frequent clogging can bring with it plenty of headaches, especially if they are clogs that not even the world’s best plunger or drain snake can fix. The team of plumbers at Lighten Up offer a variety of drain cleaning methods to make squeaky clean and free of obstruction.

Contact Lighten Up today if you’re experiencing any of these 4 problems and receive high-quality toilet repair in Fort Collins!

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