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When Should You Call for Our Garbage Disposal Services in Fort Collins?

Lighten Up’s garbage disposal services in Fort Collins are designed to keep your garbage disposal working to process dirty water and food. When your sink builds up due to garbage disposal failure, it can be both stressful and unsanitary to the point where you don’t even want to bother with the hassle at all. It’s highly important to take care of your garbage disposal problems immediately, especially before the holiday season where you’ll need food particles from that holiday dinner chopped up quickly.

Fortunately, you can call Lighten Up for garbage disposal services in Fort Collins that will fix your problems quickly at a fair price. Our team of plumbers can use various, innovative solutions to make sure work is done to your specifications. We inspect the garbage disposal, determine the work needed to be done, and get repairs. No frills, no surprises, and absolute technical precision—it’s what you can expect from high-quality service.

What Can Cause Your Garbage Disposal to Stop Working?

There are innumerable things that can cause your garbage disposal to jam or clog, but we can narrow it down to a few particular causes that our plumbers consider to be the most common. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your plumbing, call us for service immediately:

  • Excess Food Remnants: The leftovers from your holiday dinner may sit well in your stomach, but they won’t settle well in your garbage disposal. While your garbage disposal can handle and chop up smaller pieces of food, anything from large pieces of produce to chicken bones can be sources of clogs. Discard chicken bones in your regular garbage and cut pieces of food before throwing down the garbage disposal instead.
  • Failed Electrical Connections: Sometimes what’s causing your garbage disposal to stop working may not even be due to a jam or clog. Failed electrical connections are also a common cause for drain clog failure. Make sure to contact a professional to have electrical connections checked to see if any sort of electrical work will be needed to establish a stronger connection.
  • Jammed Grinder: Food isn’t the only thing that will wind up clogging your garbage disposal. Sometimes physical objects do land in your garbage disposal, which can lead to a jammed grinder. While it is generally one of the most common issues faced by garbage disposals, it’s important to get the grinder fixed as it’s one of the core components that helps material pass through the disposal.

Contact Lighten Up today for our garbage disposal services in Fort Collins.  Your garbage disposal is one of your most helpful plumbing fixtures, so make sure it gets the high-quality treatment it deserves!

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